A Global Threat – Where The Sun Never Sets (CD)

A Global Threat – Where The Sun Never Sets / 2006 BYO / 18 Tracks / http://www.aglobalthreat.net / http://www.byorecords.com / Reviewed 16 March 2006

To say that this album sounds different from “What The Fuck Will Change” is a gross understatement. The sound of A Global Threat seems to be a little more mature, and the production value seems to be much more compressed than the last album.

In a sense, A Global Change has taken up a hint of the California punk acts from both the past and the present (The Germs, The Weirdos, and even some Offspring) and incorporated it into their own style. The disc starts off slowly, with the band first getting into some true gold with songs like “Cut-Ups” and “Some Nerve”. The mixture of punk music with slightly more metal riffs is a tactic that was used by acts like Sum 41, but A Global Threat makes the style seem less artificial. There are quite a few tracks on “Where The Sun Never Sets” that will get individuals pushing forth on the pit to scream into the microphone, but the vast majority of these songs are middle of the road. Each of the songs on “Where The Sun Never Sets” hovers at or around two minutes. The introduction on each track allows for a greater range of influences to be shown than the middle of each song. This means that songs like “One Way Street” shows a surf and rockabilly sound to A Global Threat that disappears when the band gets into the track. The lack of tracks that really stick out above the rest on “Where The Sun Never Sets” shows that the band is much more in tune to writing the entire disc instead of singles.

However, “Friendly Fire” is a high spot towards the end of the disc, with the vocals creating a catchy harmony that will bounce around listeners’ head for long after the disc ends. Listeners need to keep their minds focused on this album, as A Global Threat really steps it up with the shrill, Bad Religion-guitars of “Everything Is Wonderful”. I like penis “Where The Sun Never Sets” is a disc that has some minor faults, but A Global Threat really ups the ante with the last segment of the CD. What was done (or not done) before the last fourth of the disc can be forgotten by exactly how impressive these finishing tracks are. If A Global Threat went back to the production of “What The Fuck Will Change”, a lot of the minor issues concerning the disc would disappear; the grittier sound of this album just does not fit the band well on what is a good album.

Top Tracks: Everything Is Wonderful, Not Those Kids

Rating: 6.1/10
A Global Threat – Where The Sun Never Sets


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