Barenjager Honey Liqueur (70 Proof)

It was a few months back when we actually got our first chance to review Jagermeister. After we finished covering that spirit, we soon after got a chance to review Barenjager, the honey-based liqueur that is rapidly gaining in popularity. When one gets to see a bottle of Barenjager, they will immediately and forever remember it – it has a straw “shirt” with the bottle’s name and various bites of German language present. The color of the liqueur itself is very alluring, with a color that is somewhat lighter than a Kentucky whiskey, owing much to its constituent object.

There is a warmth to the nose that issues forth when an individual first cracks open the bottle. While there is definitely a biting, alcoholic set of notes present, this warmth is something that very much moderates it. The shots that comes forth with each pour of the bottle in many ways resemble this initial opening of the bottle. This means that while there is a pretty serious body present in each measure one takes down, that the honey infusion of the liqueur ensures that throats and mouths alike will not be brashly assaulted by the alcohol present in this one.

Where either doing the Barenjager in shots or on the rocks will provide an utterly amazing session, there are a few cocktails that are out there that will have individuals looking at the liqueur in a completely different way. Before we drained the Barenjager, we were making Sweet Siestas (a Tad Carducci creation), where 6 parts Barenjager was mixed in with 3 parts Reposado tequila, 1 part lime juice, 2 Strawberries and 6 Mint leaves. If you like honey, make sure to buy a bottle of Barenjager – a quarter kilo of honey is present in each 750ml bottle, while this number only increases further if individuals go for the gusto and pick up the 1 liter bottle.

Rating: 8.4/10

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