Corrin Campbell & The Election – Game Night (CD)

The guitar line that begins “Game Night” will immediately gain the attention of anyone that may be casually listening in, allowing for the more soft-spoken and slinky vocals to properly be appreciated. What results during this first track (“Find Your Way”) is something that links together female performers (Kelly Clarkson, Pink) with a driving rock beat. Corrin Campbell & The Election are able to create a full sound with just the basics – while there is little more here than vocals, guitars, bass, and drums – it feels as if a modern orchestra is working behind them.

“Time To Let Go” is a more emotional and slower track that allows Campbell’s vocals to shine. While a sizzling guitar solo is just around the bend on this track, the sheer amount of emotional intensity brought the disc by Campbell will firmly plant listeners into their seats for the long haul. “Always Be” works on the paradigm first touched on “Find Your Way” but adds first nuance on the instrumental side of things.The guitars here have a little pop-punk feel to them,even as they continue to bear the standard of rock. There is a timeless quality to all 14 cuts on “Game Night” that will appease (if not outright astound) anyone listening in; nowhere is this heard better heard during “Bounce”.

Where the track begins in a slower way, there is the same stripped-down rock heard throughout “Game Night” just bubbling underneath the softer façade. It breaks through – the drum work heard between Campbell’s vocals – but it is this detailed dedication to the band’s sound that will gain Campbell & The Election the largest amount of listeners. Few acts are able to cut more than ten or eleven tracks on their albums and not begin to fade towards the end of their respective titles, but “Game Night” actually is similar to a fine wine, getting better with age. This means that the disc’s last track, “A New Page”, is as catchy as one can get while providing listeners some idea about where Campbell and her band will go in the months and years to come.

Top Tracks: Find Your Way, Time To Let Go

Rating: 8.2/10

Corrin Campbell & The Election – Game Night / 2010 Self / 14 Tracks / /

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