Desolation Wilderness breaks up, Electric Sunset on the horizon

Following the release of two full length albums, and two 7″ singles, two nationwide tours, (and one in Europe) K recording artists Desolation Wilderness have ceased to be a group. The leader of the gang, Nic Zwart, has already recorded his new solo project called Electric Sunset.

With Rock & Roll swagger applied to synthetic rhythms and ringing keyboards, Nic wanted to create music that was both propulsive and dream-like. Fitting that Electric Sunset took shape as he moved from Olympia back to San Francisco, the city where he was born – that crazy and beautiful metropolis of weirdos, models and rockers. The debut self-titled album will be out on K in September 2010.

You can hear early samples of ELECTRIC SUNSET at

and you can find photos here:

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