DonQ: Coco (42 Proof)

Coconut rum seems to be all the passion lately, with our bottles of the stuff flying off the shelf as fast as humanely possible. When we would go to the store, it would seem as if there were only a few selections to be had, which included Malibu and Captain Morgan’s varietals. However, we were sent another effort in the Coconut Rum lines – DonQ: Coco. This Puerto Rican rum may not have the name recognition of the larger rum producers, but I feel that what it lacks in style points it more than makes up for in terms of quality. The lower alcohol content may be a sticking point, but I feel that what DonQ’s Coconut rum does here is really shine at a level that many consider to be a diluted one.

The lower alcohol content allows individuals that would not normally be able to take shots the ability to experience this rum in that format, which approximates the flavor of a coconut without seeming overly fake or overwhelming. The mixed drinks that one can craft with the DonQ Coconut are numerous, but for our money, we’d like to stick a shot or two of the DonQ in our cans of Coke. Doing up a Bahama Breeze – Apricot and Banana Cream Liqueur, the DonQ Coco, Dark Rum and grenadine with honey and lemon, orange, and pineapple juice – is similarly impressive.

While individuals could conceivably sip this spirit on the rocks, I would try to steer these guests away into a straight shot or a cocktail. At a price that is well under $30 for a 1.75 liter bottle, I do believe that the DonQ Coconut rum may just be the best value for your flavored rum-buying buck. For those individuals that do pick up a bottle of the DonQ Coconut and like it, make sure to see what other efforts that your local liquor store has stocked. Right now, Lime, Passion Fruit, Lime & Mint represent their flavored rums, while a 151-proof spirit is poised to give Bacardi a run for their money.

Rating: 7.5/10

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