Gerina – S/T (CD)

Gerina – S/T / 2006 Aim High / 14 Tracks / / Reviewed 31 August 2006

Hey, I guessed that Gerina would sound like the other singers on the market, probably a lot like Pink and Kelly Clarkson. I was right, as “Blind” mixes the two singers with the same middle of the road adult contemporary rock that is played throughout all cubicles in the United States. There are just too many tracks on this album. There are fourteen tracks on the disc, and a deft editor could reasonably excise three or four tracks.

For example, “Blink of an Eye” is a track that does show off Gerina’s vocal abilities, but the arrangements behind the track are just anemic as all get out. Where I could see a dance remix working well for this track, the original version of this song is just something that does not work as well as it should being so early on this disc. Trying to break into the domain of crossover stars like Gretchen Wilson and Shania Twain with “You Can’t Break Love”, Gerina creates a track that could conceivably make it big, even if it does not push the limits of the genre in any way. While there are a number of issues both large and small with this album, the one positive that can be given to Gerina throughout the entirety of this disc is that one will not know which facet of pop music that ey will be approaching with the next track.

Whether it is a pop interpretation of country, dance music, rock, or even indie, Gerina is able to present eir own interpretation on this album. For the sheer amount of music on this album, individuals are getting a lot. However, whether listeners will be able to stick with Gerina for the over-fifty minute runtime of the disc is something to be heard; if there were more in the way of uptempo tracks, I would say it would not be a problem. For the next few albums that Gerina does, I would have to say that ey must go forward and try to create a specific sound for the entirety of the disc. While a skilled artist can approach a number of different styles, there needs to be a game plan behind that artists’ effort on the disc. I have to say, it does not seem as if Gerina has that going for eir on this album. I feel confident that if ey was able to get a stronger producer, this game plan could be created and executed for complete success.

Top Tracks: It’s Too Late, Si No Estas

Rating: 4.3/10


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