Gist – Diesel City (CD)

The style of music that Gist plays is tremendously influenced from the early D.C. emo (Rites of Spring, Nation of Ulysses), something that makes sense when one understand that the act is from D.C. itself. Tracks like “Miscellaneous” really tie themselves to the second-wave emo of the late ninties, which is to say that each of the tracks on “Diesel City” act well as driving music, with driving guitars and drum beats. The angular guitars that come and go during “Fugue” seem to only tangentially take on acts like Franz Ferdinand, but the nuanced guitar style of the stanzas during the track put Gist fell beyond these few-hit wonders.

What one will immediately like about Gist are the soulful vocals put out on each tracks; the RIYL on this press sheet links Gist to Mission to Burma, and I would have to agree with that. The overly-emotional vocals present are not melodramatic; they are just a product of the distinct circumstances that lead the track to be created in the first place. The diversity present in such compositions as “Things Will Work Out” shows that the band is not only convincing in one style, but that they can appropriate a number of different styles for themselves and still be intensely compelling. The martial drumming of Fred during “Things Will Work Out” provides a nice backdrop for the much more distorted, chunky guitars of Nayan. This ability to work together so successfully shows a band that has a serious amount of maturity. Even a falsetto (present during “360”) does not derail the amount of momentum that Gist runs on during “Diesel City”; individuals will be singing along to this song and others as soon as this disc finishes up. There is a timeless quality to Gist that will make this album classic in a few short years; the clear sound of the band coupled with interesting songs and diverse styles will make Gist too big for D.C. here in a short time.

Gist is one of the few bands that actually deserves the hype that is given it; “Diesel City” is an album that should be present on the top discs of 2006. Forget the Fall Out Boys of society, Gist is the beginning and ending of discussion about emo music in the current. Pick up this album and be swept off your feet; one will not be disappointed with “Diesel City”.

Top Tracks: Asunder, 360

Rating: 7.5/10

Gist – Diesel City / 2006 Red Stapler / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 04 March 2006


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