Glimpse – Into My Hands (CD)

Moving their center slightly to include the latest developments in emo-rock, Glimpse has gained some much needed ground in the nine months since I’ve reviewed them last. While still extremely radio friendly, Glimpse has taken on the smooth / screaming dual vocal styles of bands like Boys Night Out and The Goodlife, something most audible in their “Here With You”. Moving through the disc, Glimpse shows that they are still masters of moving seamlessly through a number of harder-rocking genres, moving into a QOTSA/Tool-style rock genre in “Insanity”. Finishing off the disc with the title track, Glimpse puts their all into a track that combines all their strengths, whether it be the ultrasonic guitars of Jason, the perfectly timed drums of Nick, or the soulful bass lines of Josh (sorry, Robby). It seems with each of the discs I receive from these modern rock type bands, the Glimpses and Escape From Earths and Fixers, that I am seeing the minor leagues of radio rock gradually take form, and it will only be a matter of time before they get a national media presence. Glimpse has the catchiness in songs as well as the solid arrangements and songwriting abilities to make it, but they do not have the central location of Chicago’s Escape From Earth or New York’s Fixer.

“Jibe” comes out of the gate with a mid-nineties rock feel, with the distortion-heavy guitars reminding individuals of a White Zombie or Clutch, while the vocals elicit feelings of early Red Hot Chili Peppers or Faith No More. In fact, the big surprise with this new Glimpse EP is the ability for the guitarists to so successfully control the wild beast of distortion, to do ever more impressive guitar tricks amidst the bucking bull of mechanical distortion. This is present to a minor degree in the aforementioned “Jibe” but is much more pronounced in “Here With You”.

Glimpse has fulfilled all prophesies that were made of them only nine months ago. They were featured on the soundtrack for Cruel Intentions 3, and I will honestly be surprised if they don’t get some national play here in the next year or so. The band is as tight as ever, and the “Into My Hands” EP is an example of a CD that is mixed and mastered to the perfect point without having the music lose any semblance of soul.

Rating : 6.4/10

Glimpse – Into My Hands / 2004 Self-Released / 6 Tracks / / / Reviewed 01 July 2004

Top Track: “All That I Am”

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