Glitter Pals – Unleash The Compassion (CD)

Glitter Pals – Unleash The Compassion / 2005 Lovepump United / 4 Tracks / / / Reviewed 24 September 2005

The tension that starts off “Unleash The Compassion” is so thick that someone could cut it with a night; this is primarily due to the vocals of Mookie, which are paralleled bnicely by the guitar work (also by Mookie) that opens up the second track “Unleash The Compassion”. While the vocals in “Unleash the Compassion” are nowhere near as ominous and brooding, the role that they play in actually providing the track with another shrill instrument is much needed. The guitar line takes a much more chunky sound, tying it inexorably with the drum work during the track.

Some sort of audible vocals would have done the track good, as there is too much in the way of repetition to expect that this largely-instrumental song would have enough gas to pass the two and a half minute mark. To be honest, the vocal presence on the entirety of “Unleash the Compassion” (not just the title track really leaves much to be desired. ”Lovepump’s Birthday Song” cranks the volume up for Mookie’s vocals a little, but this is still not what is needed especially considering that the guitars and drums play such a large role in this track. In a land of giants, Mookie’s vocals are just not up to the task of being a David. The differentiation of arrangements during “Lovepump’s Birthday Song” are primarily why the track succeeds while “Thunder Tights” sank; the end of the track is also bolstered by the fact that it has Mookie’s vocals in a more major role than anywhere prior.

Finishing off “Unleash The Compassion” with the first real track to have all elements present (a strong set of vocals, interesting arrangements, and a loud set of vocals), “Dig In” is sadly too short to really bring the disc up from the depths it had dug itself. However, what “Dig In” does do is actually set the stage up for the upcoming Glitter Pals full length; while this EP is going to be out early 2006, here’s hoping that a more solid debut full-length will be out before 2007 begins. Considering where Genghis Tron (where both members of Glitter Pals call home) was at at the end of “Cloak Of Love”, this opening salvo from Glitter Pals is slightly disappointing. This disappointment stems purely from the band’s growing pains, not the production values (which are excellent); as the Glitter Pals really feel each other out in this context, things will get better.

Top Track: Dig In

Rating : 4.5/10

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