Gods – I See You Through Glass (CD)

Gods – I See You Through Glass / 2005 Hand of Hope / 10 Tracks / http://www.cultofgods.com / http://www.handofhoperecords.com / Reviewed 31 May 2005

Gods is a hardcore band that has influenced immensely by the current styling of rock that has plastered itself throughout the entirety of harder-themed radio. Unlike a great deal of these over-hyped new-rock bands, Gods really comes through on “I See You Through Glass” with a solid instrumental onslaught, even if the vocals laid down at times leave something to be desired. In fact, the Jonathan Davis/Marilyn Manson style of Jesse (former founder of Zao) really lets down listeners after the impressiveness of the instrumentation during tracks like “The Devil’s Tears”. With each section pulling its weight on “The Devil’s Tears”, it comes down to the intense drumming of Bobby to really provide the overall feel for the track.

This role would be amplified in the introduction to the following track “Love Is A Blister”, which ties inexorably the individualistic drumming of Bobby with the faintest hint of Nate’s keyboard to make for a different brand of rock track. It is during this track that Jesse really settles down and finds a method of vocal release that truly fits with the music at hand. The chunky bass of Rob during “Love Is A Blister” provides the last necessary part to the track, and it is here that the band can really say they’ve succeeded. From there, during tracks like “Ephedra”, Gods really are able to keep together this patchwork sound and even improve on it (mainly through incorporating two or more instruments in tandem – such as the bass and guitars during the aforementioned song). It is on “The World In Your Arms” that Gods has another unstipulated success – the track is solid, the music popping and the arrangements memorable.

It seems almost possible (and I know it is improbable) that Gods really busted out the album in numerical order, as each track that follows seems to be a refinement of the original rough, slightly mediocre beginnings of the disc. While “I See You Through Glass” began with a few unsteady steps, tracks like “5 Easy Steps To Fame and Fortune” has the entirety of the act working together to make a track that intense and yet highly charged (emotionally). The growled (not necessarily screamed out) vocals of Jesse provides the humanity in equal proportions to the tremendous instrumentality present during the euphonic guitar riffs and straight-forward drumming to be found on the track. Let us only hope that new-rock can take a nod from Gods and incorporate the same attention to detail that is a hallmark of “I See You Through Glass”.

Top Tracks: The Reflex D and D, Ephedra

Rating: 7.2/10

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