Goldblade – Punk Rockers In The Dance Hall (CD)

Goldblade – Punk Rockers In The Dance Hall / 2006 SOS / 17 Tracks / / / Reviewed 31 October 2006

When I first encountered Goldblade, they were present on the “God Save The Queen” DVD that came out last year. I had no clue what exactly they were on this DVD, as the rest of the acts on there had been around or had been defunct for over 20 years.

The track was solid, but I was still left wondering. However, by the timer that I got “Punk Rockers In The Dance Hall” in the mail, I was able to hear songs like “Strickly Hardcore”, a song that blends together older brands of punk rock with a catchiness that is present in acts like Rise Against and None More Black. The all-in chorus of Goldblade during tracks like the aforementioned “Stickly Hardcore” reminds individuals that the band loves their earlier punk CDs, however. This blend of new and old styles is continued with “Do You Believe IN The Power of Rock ‘N’ Roll”, which is a song that shifts Goldblade’s musical interest to include more than their fair share of 70s, Detroit rock.

Where the band had started strong on “Punk Rockers in the Dance Hall”, they seem to be in a rut by the time that “Who Was The Killa” ends. This track blends together the British brand of punk rock of acts like Sham 69 and a newer, Rancid-like style, but the vocals do not lend themselves to easy digestion. This inertia is helped immensely by “AC/DC”, and specifically by the bass line that chugs almost imperceptibly at the bottom of the track. Getting everyone in and producing for another catchy chorus, Goldblade is able to pull themselves from the mire in which they found themselves just a few short minutes before on “Punk Rockers in the Dance Hall”. The chorus in “Dream The Vicious Dream, Baby” is what keeps the band chugging right along, while the guitars present are able to keep individuals listening in as well. There are a number of tracks on this disc that could conceivably be radio singles, but Goldblade has many more in the way of tracks that get to a level just below that of singles. This legion includes songs like “16 Tons”, which just feels as if it is missing something small that could be all the difference in the world for both the band and their fans. Godlblade is a solid band, but there is still room for improvement that I hope to see in future albums.

Top Tracks: AC/DC, Home Turf

Rating: 5.7/10


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