Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Straight Outta Newport (CD)

Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Straight Outta Newport / 2005 Record Collection / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 09 May 2005

Goldie Lookin’ Chain are the Dynamite Hack or Bloodhound Gang of the new millennium. Their dead-pan style, rapping about pseudo-offensive material (suicide) will draw listeners in just for the shock. This does not mean that the band is all flash and glitter, but rather show a band that is intelligent in terms of the backbeats they choose and the rhymes that find their way onto the disc. “Half Man, Half Machine” features a member of GLC that seems to revel in the Cookie Monster/Brandon DiCamillo style of rapping, but this lack of originality is balanced out with the Eyedea-esque vocals that come to bear on the track. The ability for the band to take over the backbeat and push it forward when the band itself is not innovative (Roller Disco) is one of GLC’s greatest talents. For the backbeat in a track like “Roller Disco” caresses the band in all of the positions they need it, like a good support bra, and provide an atmosphere that really bolsters the flow on the track. The backbeat, which feels almost as if it was laid down for a Chromeo track, perfectly shows 1983 even more than the rapping on the track.

The light twinge of Caribbean melody that dominates the slower tempo of “Soap Bar” is reminiscent of “Because I Got High”, with the ability to do anything in the Afroman song replaced by the crashing of a car in the GLC track. With a tenuous style of rapping, “Your Mother’s Got A Penis” stands out as completely representative of the Goldie Lookin’ Chain as a whole. The utterly crazy backbeat (which sounds like a reject from the Greatest American Hero theme song) with dead-pan delivery and a catchy mode of delivery is a perfect hump track for “Straight Outta Newport”.

While they may be some tracks that are not revolutionary to the way that listeners will see the GLC, the fact is that all of the tracks on “Straight Outta Newport” have the same geneal care in regards to the track’s creation. Thus, there are none of the weak tracks or skits that mar American releases, and what comes out on this disc is something that will be as revered as “Hooray For Boobies”. Retro, with a style of rapping that gives a new focus to the words being spat, the Goldie Lookin’ Chain are a band for this new millennium that paradoxically looks to the past for inspiration.

Top Tracks: Your Mother’s Got A Penis, Self Suicide

Rating: 7.6/10

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