Hellshock – Warlord EP (CD)

Hellshock – Warlord EP / 2005 Profane Existence / 2 Tracks / http://www.profaneexistence.com / Reviewed 11 October 2005

Two tracks really make it nearly impossible to gauge the sound of a band, and while the two tracks of the Warlord EP (Warlord and Legion) are both of an extend track length (at least for a punk type of sound), this hypothesis still holds water. The music that Hellshock puts down on “Warlord” is furious, fast and really mature. The extended guitar solo that leads the track to its inevitable conclusion really is something that keeps the tempo of the track up, a baton that is given to Keet who may have laid down the most dense, sinewy drum line captured on CD to end “Warlord”. The extended instrumental opening to “Legion” would almost be progressive metal-influenced, if it was not for the overly-distorted guitar solo that keeps the track in a specific context. The different iterations of the instrumental arrangements during “Legion” may be intuitive, but they do provide the nearest thing to beauty on this disc. The vocal section of the track moves back to a fast and furious metal/thrash infused scream-fest, which only sputters to an end after Grizzle’s vocals sputter out. This is before the guitar tracks really innovative in what would normally be a very stratified-sounding style; the guitarists’ confidence on the track is perhaps what allows Hellshock to break through these conventions and really create something that both crosses a number of genres and sounds great while it does it. Two tracks may not be enough to get a full glimpse at the band, but the rich sound of the band gives listeners enough of a taste to hunger for more.

Rating: 7.0/10


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