Mel Flannery Trucking Co. – You Know What To Do (CD)

“Something About You” is the first track on “You Know What To Do”, and it showcases Mel and the rest of her band to be extraordinarily diverse , touching upon a number of styles and influences all the course of five minutes. There are nods to current pop, nineties alternative, Caribbean music, and even the soulful crooners of the 1920s. This turns “You Know What To Do” into an EP that will reach a huge subset of people, all while Mel is honest to herself and the constellation of factors that ultimately brought her to creating music. “We’re Still Here” starts off in a much slower and deliberate way, with the drums and Flannery’s vocals combining to make a solid back and forth.

Perhaps the strongest suit of “We’re Still Here” would have to be Flannery’s vocals, as they work on two distinct levels. Where listeners can just enjoy exactly how they interact with the rest of the instrumentation here, there are complex vocal arrangements created that grow more complex and interesting as the track rolls on. “I Need You Here With Me” is the middle track on this EP, and it represents a sound that will be welcomed onto any pop or alternative station. Where there is a Tori Amos or Fiona Apple tenor to Flannery’s vocals here, fans of a Kelly Clarkson or even Jill Scott will find something to appreciate during this track.

While there is a strong step put forward by the vocals on “I Need You Here With Me”, I feel it is the instrumental side of things that shines the brightest here. There is a progression to the instrumental arrangements that will continue to play in listeners’ ears well after the disc finishes up. “You Know What To Do” ends in a strong fashion, first with “You Know What You Do”, and finally with “Gone”. “Gone” is a track dictated by Flannery’s rich vocals, with the instrumentation providing a solid foundation for Flannery’s vocal experimentation and hitting lyrics. Make sure to check out her web page and see exactly where she is playing; I have no doubt that she will bring her all and further expound upon the topics she first broached during this EP. Check out the full length – As It Turns Out – when it hits stores soon – it captures the tracks here and spins them into a cogent narrative that will keep listeners focused throughout.

Top Tracks: Something About You, I Need You Here With Me

Mel Flannery Trucking Co. – You Know What To Do / 2010 Halogen / /

Rating: 8.3/10

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