With a sound so unique that it deserves its own genre name, Oslo’s Pirate Love takes Scandinavian indie rock to a whole new level. Black Vodoun Space Blues is not only the title of the band’s latest release, but is also the most fitting genre name for Pirate Love’s raw, mind-bending sound. Signed to Kong Tiki Records, Pirate Love takes its cues not only from 60’s garage punk, rockabilly, and goth, but is also equal parts sex, drugs, and violence. Their signature sound is most reminiscent of Jesus and The Mary Chain, The Cramps, and The Horrors.

Since 2003, the group has been taking over the Norwegian music scene with a sound that ABC News described as “refreshing” and “sincere” and has been gaining thunderous attention from the likes of who declared “Pirate Love is my new favorite band”. With their nonconformist showmanship and feral dose of new wave garage punk tunes, Pirate Love is poised to arouse a lot of buzzworthy attention this year.

With three releases to date, the band has painted a detailed picture of who they are and what they represent, creating what could easily be the soundtrack to an out-of-control party full of chaos and playful destruction. It’s all about the little details and Pirate Love proved that during last year’s NYC residency by souping-up their wild performance with a team of shimmering belly dancers by their side. Pirate Love further exposed its unruly demeanor with a provocative music video for the 2007 single “Laughing Gas,” which received an Alarm Award nomination for “Best Video of the Year” and was an instant favorite of MTV Europe.

Having played various music festivals in both Norway and North America with such colossal acts as Serena Maneesh, Pirate Love is no stranger to the stage. The band will be bringing its electrifying live show to Austin this March for a string of SXSW shows and securing themselves as the wildest and most twisted showstoppers at this year’s festival. Instead of basking in the SXSW afterglow, Pirate Love will then be extending the face melting invitation to the rest of the East coast as they tour alongside the UK’s garage punk rockers Thee Vicars. Tour dates below.

Pirate Love on tour:

03/15 – New York, NY – Oya Night @ Santos Party House (early show)

03/15 – New York, NY – The Studio (late show)

03/17 – Austin, TX – SXSW

03/18 – Austin, TX – SXSW

03/19 – Austin, TX – SXSW Get Hip Showcase at Habana Calle 6

03/19 – Austin, TX – SXSW BD Riley’s

03/20 – Atlanta, GA – Fringe Factory w/ Thee Vicars

03/22 – Chapel Hill, NC – Cavern Tavern w/ Thee Vicars

03/23 – Washington DC – TBA

03/24 – Pittsburgh, PA – Get Hip Recordings Party w/ Thee Vicars

03/25 – Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery w/ The Vandelles and Thee Vicars

03/27 – New York, NY – Lit Lounge w/ The Vandelles and Thee Vicars

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