Sandeman Tawny Porto: Twenty Years Old (40 Proof)

Despite our coverage of wine and similar beverages in the past, we have not had a chance to review a good Port/Porto up to this point. This $45 port is a very carefully created effort by Sandeman, immediately taking the eye of all with a very distinctive orange/rust coloration that is further darkened by the yellow-green of the bottle. The flavor of this aged port (20 years) is without comparison, meaning that equal amounts of fruit and more whiskey-like notes are present. It is the interplay of these two sides of things that puts this port well above any others that we have had in the past. There are notes of oak and smokes that tie themselves in with a more raisin like tone to create a drink that brings forth something new with each subsequent sip.

While the style of port is usually placed into the after-dinner category, I feel that there are ways to incorporate the Sandeman into the meal itself or even as a stand-alone wine. For those that want to incorporate it into the early stages of dinner, marry the port to a more neutral (Chicken or Pork) plate, or even start off with the Port in a toast-type of fashion. For those that want to have a stand-alone experience, just incorporate it alongside a Feta or Asiago for proper highlighting of all the port’s strengths.

If you would like to expand your own wine knowledge (either if you have only had a few ports in the past or have missed out on the style completely), make it a point to pick up the Sandeman Twenty Years Old. The sub-$50 price coupled with such a dense and nuanced taste for this port ensure that individuals will have an eye-opening experience. Just ensure that the bottle is lightly chilled for a little bit before serving it, and one will be well on their way to having a stellar night.

Rating: 8.5/10

Sandeman Tawny Porto: Twenty Years Old (40 Proof) / Wine /

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