The Mob: From Hollywood To Vegas (DVD Set)

There is a lot of information on this DVD set. Mill Creek has put together fully three-fourths of a day of footage about the mob. The DVD set ties together two previous releases in Hollywood Vs The Mob and Vegas: The City The Mob Made, which were each originally 2 DVD sets. The price point at which this 4-DVD set is placed ensures that a love for all things mob-related will be fostered if this is given as a birthday or holiday gift, while it will represent a great addition to the libraries of anyone that already fancies themselves a fan of the time period and of the players involved.

“Hollywood Vs The Mob: Fact Vs. Fiction” is at a level easily of that of a History Channel or A&E, with a tremendous amount of still photography, interviews, and insights about how dangerous a place Hollywood ultimately was. Where there were some pretty shocking things shown in the gangster movies that focused on the period (Casino, The Godfather), the story that is told throughout “Hollywood Vs The Mob” really showcases how vile and offensive some of the focused individuals were.

“Vegas: The City The Mob Made” has a slightly different focus than “Hollywood Vs. The Mob”, and that’s a good thing. In this documentary, there is a focus on how the mob took over Las Vegas and still have their hands in some form in the current operations of the city. While this special is shorter than “Hollywood Vs. The Mob”, I feel that there are larger amounts of information present in the Vegas release than the Hollywood release. Regardless, each of the specials are special in their own way, and will provide viewers with incredible amounts of information regarding what was an amazing segment of American history that for many, is never taunt and as such, never learned.

Rating: 7.2/10

The Mob: From Hollywood To Vegas (DVD Set) / 17 Hours, 25 Minutes / 2010 Mill Creek Entertainment /

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