Tuaca (70 Proof)

Where a great many of the alcohols that we review are extremely new (Ty Ku, our upcoming Harlem review), Tuaca has been making waves on this side of the Atlantic for at least a decade. Any good liquor store will have Tuaca in stock, but I must admit that we (up until last night) had no experience with this “Liquore Italiano”.

We gave the bottle a few hours in the freezer, pouring out a shot (A preferred method of enjoying the spirit).
What comes forth in Tuaca’s own unique taste is nothing less than amazing. This means that the brandy taste comes through before opening up to showcase the fruit and spice flavors that ratchet things up further. The heavier alcohol content (70 proof) over a number of brandy or cognac “experiments” like Hypnotiq may push away some, but the alcohol bite is controlled quite well, mellowed by the presence of the aforementioned fruit notes. For those individuals that are still not bellying up to the bar for the Tuaca tip, there are a number of mixed drinks that allow this unique taste to shine through while dialing down the alcohol content.

For example, matching the Tuaca to a Coke shakes up the familiar Rum & Coke formulation, while a Tuaca sour (Tuaca and sour mix) will put an Amaretto or Whiskey sour out to pasture. Finally, for those that want an unadulterated Tuaca experience but are still antsy about the (relatively) heavy alcohol content, put it on the rocks – the resulting melting from the ice isn’t enough to modify what may just be the best brandy-based spirit that we have had a chance to review this year. Give Tuaca a spin today and let us at NeuFutur know your thoughts!

Rating: 8.2/10

Tuaca (70 Proof) / Liquor / Imported by Brown-Forman / http://www.b-f.com

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