Bulletproof Messenger – Arm Yourself (CD)

The inclusion of a more electronic sound to a hard, modern rock sound is something that I’ve personally never heard in the genre. Kudos to Bulletproof Messenger for having the cohones to blend together this style, making “Arm Yourself” an intense, impassioned bit of rock that soars on the wings of this electronic side. Nowhere is this captured as well as during “Lose It All”, which bounces back and forth between melodic rock and some of the most hard-hitting heaviness that I’ve heard so far this year. Pushing the envelope that bands like Three Days Grace and Nonpoint originally delivered, there is no reason why Bulletproof Messenger shouldn’t be impacting heavily on rock stations across the United States.

“Bring Me To Life” is another track that showcases Bulletproof Messenger as the standard carrier for the same innovation that acts like Static-X and Linkin park did back in the nineties. While the chorus comes back a number of times during this track, the instrumental side of things keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. A number of acts that are currently on the charts keep things simple and suffer because of that – Bulletproof Messenger provides every listener something to enjoy on this release. This means that there are choruses that are as catchy as anything that acts like Seether and Shinedown may pen, but there is also present a technical virtuosity that goes even beyond Pillar or Clutch.

“Wake Up Call” further solidifies the band’s position as one of the best up and coming acts, as it considerably changes up what listeners expect from the band while still possessing enough of a common thread with the rest of the disc’s tracks for all to enjoy. The slower beginning to the track gives the band another path to take with future releases, while the vocals step up to make the track shine as brightly as anything else here. Bulletproof Messenger was under my radar before we received a copy of “Arm Yourself”, but I know that I will continue to hit up their Myspace as they rapidly reach the minds and hearts of anyone that checks them out.

Top Track: Lose It All

Rating: 9.0/10

Bulletproof Messenger – Arm Yourself / 2010 Self / http://www.myspace.com/bulletproofmessenger

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