Doris: An Anthology of Zines + Other Stuff 1991-2001

While we here at NeuFutur had a chance to get cracking with a review of Doris #15 a few weeks ago, we were able to get through this massive collection of reprinted Doris issues just yesterday. These prints are sharp, ensuring that the original subject material is captured perfectly. The zine itself bounces from hand-written to typed to gussied up with different drawings and backgrounds, while the written material seemingly follows the same eclectic shifts in subject material and overall tone.

The different issues all showcase Cindy at different places in eir development, but there always seems to be a personal element to the issues that never quite goes away, even as how-to guides and other informative content comes and goes. For those that do pick up a copy of the book, I would have to say to do as Cindy says and take the book in zine-by-zine installments. One can better enjoy what Cindy has written as well as ensuring one can actually understand what is being said. Where there is a tendency for some zines to elide from piece to piece, I feel that Doris keeps things interesting. This anthology, by comprising all of Cindy’s work over a decade, further lends credence to this theory. Check it out.

Rating: 9.5/10

Doris: An Anthology of Zines + Other Stuff 1991-2001 / $14 / 314M / 6:00 / ISBN 0-9726967-8-4 / /

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