“Feral are honored to sign to John McEntee’s Ibex Moon Records, having released many albums of artists that we show great respect to. Several years of writing has given us loads of material to choose from and the time to rework our songs to perfection. Expect nothing else than our debut album to be a slab of rotting flesh reeking of groovy Swedish death metal.
New tracks never released in any form will be recorded during this session as well, including probably the most intense material we have ever spawned.

Primal rage and pure malevolence lies ahead, the Feral beast is now howling under the Ibex Moon!”

Formed in the small Northern Swedish town of Norsjo in late 2003 by vocalist Hook and bassist Valmer, Feral was originally known simply as Valmer & Hook. Though the duo never intended for the project to be anything more than a ‘joke band,’ Valmer and Hook soon saw potential in what they were doing and decided to take things to the next level. After relocating to the nearby town of Skellefteå, the pair teamed up with guitarist Svarte Petter and drummer Damien before eventually rounding out their roster with the addition of guitarist Big Mac. With the lineup complete, the band soon began writing and performing around their native Sweden. It was during this time that they took on the name Feral; chosen to match the wild and untamed force and
raw power of the band.

Soon thereafter, Feral began recording demos and playing some very high-profile gigs, including a month long European tour with death metal legends Master in February of 2009 and a mini-tour with Six Feet Under in September of the same year. In between these tours, Feral returned to the studio to record the highly acclaimed Welcome To The Graveyard demo, which caught the attention of Ibex Moon Records’ owner, John McEntee, who signed the band to his label late last year.

With a solid lineup, a firm and strong sound, and all the determination in the world, the band now feels stronger than ever before! At the onset of 2010, the group recording their debut full-length CD, Dragged To The Altar, which is to be released later on in the year via Ibex Moon Records.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Feral, but some things are certain:
The band is far from a joke these days. The Feral beast has only just been born, and it will grow stronger and bigger each day. Any obstacles will be struck down, any antagonists will be mangled. The plague will spread, the creature will roar and every time you gaze into the darkness you will see those glowing eyes staring back at you, hungry for more.

Very interesting and very brutal. – Minacious Webzine

The world deserves Feral. – Global Domination


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