Kelly Greene – You Leave Me Here (CD)

The guitar work that opens up “You Leave Me Here” is something that feels like it should be back in the middle to late nineties. However, this is not a bad thing. The blend of this older style with a set of vocals that is current, in your face, and is a blend of Kelly Clarkson and Susanne Vega is perfect. The track should be the next big thing out of the indies, as the progression to the chorus allows Greene to put forth a set of lines that will bounce around listeners’ heads for hours to come. The title track changes up what individuals should expect from Greene, in that the drums have such a major role alongside the vocals. Compare that to “Don’t Leave Me Here”, where the guitar was present pretty much throughout the track, and there are already two very different facets to Greene. The title track is another solid alternative-rock track, one that could conceivably be on an independent radio station, but it is definitely “Don’t Leave Me Here” that shines brightest in the early tracks of the disc. There are hints of a Black Crowes-like guitar during the opening bars of “Woe is Me”. The more rock-infused track provides another face of Greene’s varied approach.

Each different genre that is approached by Green on “You Leave Me Here” undoubtedly will bring eir another hundred fans; while lesser artists would just seem to be floating along without a paddle, the talent shown by Greene throughout makes this eclectic approach compelling. “These Are The Things” is a slower track, but is not a ballad; Greene avoids that and gains energy, finally releasing that during the chorus. Instead of being “harder” during the chorus, the intensity of Greene’s vocals are tied to yet another catchy chorus.

The use of multiple vocal layers gives the track extra dimensions that other songs on “You Leave Me Here” do not have. Kelly Greene will break it big in a way that Leah Zicari and the masses of other bland and warmed-over female singer-songwriters cannot even fathom. There are slower, quicker, more rock and more pop oriented tracks on “You Leave Me Here”, and there is nothing that strikes me as a weak track to be found. The different time signatures of “Memory” further the enjoyment that one can take from the track. “You Leave Me Here” is an unqualified success.

Top Tracks: Memory, Bleed

Rating: 6.8/10
Kelly Greene – You Leave Me Here / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 17 April 2007


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