NeuFutur Vacation

Hey everybody, James here from NeuFutur.

I don’t do many personal posts here on the online version of our ‘zine, but just wanted to update everyone.

The staff is on our first lengthy vacation for about four or five years – literally. We’re going to keep updating as best we can, but our reviews until April Fool’s Day will be going back into our massive archives. There will be pieces here that have not seen the light of day since 2003, so keep an eye out. Our reviewers were younger and stupider then, so please don’t judge our reviews too terribly seriously.

New coverage, if not this week, will resume again April 1st. Keep an eye out for new additions to our Music, Video Game, Movie, and Health and Beauty segments then!


-James McQuiston and the rest of the crew at NeuFutur Print / .

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