Old Spice Pro-Strength Anti-Perspirant: Swagger

As part of our fashion and beauty section, we here at NeuFutur will be looking in the next few months at the whole range of products designed to make individuals look, feel, and smell good. We were lucky enough to hook up with Old Spice, who sent along a number of their current offerings. One of these was the “Swagger” fragranced-anti-perspirant effort in their Pro-Strength line.

This product is an invisible solid, and actually does the job that it claims by not rubbing off on an individual’s shirt. While this seems like the one thing that these products should do, it is by far the one thing that companies continually fail on, no matter how well versed they are in the creation of this type of good. However, this anti-perspirant succeeds on another front. The application process, controlled by a bottom-mounted dial, allows a perfect amount of the product to be used.

It is when individuals take in the fragrance of Swagger when one fully gets some semblance of how special this anti-perspirant truly is. There is a very mild fragrance to Swagger that sails the narrows of overwhelming products like some of the earliest Axe body sprays while lasting long enough to ensure that individuals are protected throughout the day. While we don’t have the other types of the Pro-Strength line to review, we’ll be providing NeuFutur readers with coverage of other Old Spice products in the weeks and months to come.

Rating: 8.2/10

Old Spice Pro-Strength Anti-Perspirant: Swagger / Deodorant / 1.7 Oz / http://www.oldspice.com

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