Absolut Berri Acai (80 Proof)

It has been a long time since we reviewed an Absolut vodka, and even longer since we reviewed a spirit that is at least partially based on the Acai Berry (October and February 2009, to be specific). We were lucky enough to receive a bottle of Absolut’s latest effort, their Berri Acai, a short while ago. The first thing that one will notice about the spirit is the sweet fruit nose that the vodka has, which goes so far as to be comparable to a Capri Sun.

This nose completely hides any alcoholic tinge that the vodka may have, a trend that continues throughout the entirety of one’s experience with this Absolut effort. Where a great deal of the different flavored vodkas have to reduce the alcohol content to make a palatable product, Absolut keeps the alcohol content constant and ensures a deft and skillful marriage of flavor and fire. This means that individuals that have never done a full-power shot can easily down a few draughts of the Berri Acai, while an individual that wants to sip the vodka can comfortably get their buzz on without even a grimace. However, it may be in mixed drink that the Berri Acai shines the brightest, as it makes old drinks fresh and boldly creates a whole set of drinks that should come to a wider appreciation as the spirit becomes better known.

For a bold new take on an old favorite, replace a normal vodka with the Berri Acai alongside orange juice, or even in a traditional martini. However, if individuals are past the old guard of drinks, try a Berri Ricky – 2 measures of the Berri Acai along with 1 part agave nectar, 1 part lime juice and 4 parts club soda. For a slightly more fruit-based drink, the Berri Breeze (3 parts Berri Acai, 4 parts each pomegranate and pink grapefruit juice) would be perfect for the cocktail set. Without a weak side, the Berri Acai should be Absolut’s next addition to their already-impressive vodka line.

Rating: 9.2/10

Absolut Berri Acai (80 Proof) / Vodka / http://www.absolut.com

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