Alien After All and Neko Entertainment Reveal New Screens for DodoGo! on Nintendo DSi

lien After All, the French digital entertainment designer and production company, in co-production with Neko Entertainment, reveals new screenshots for the upcoming Nintendo DSiWare™ title DodoGo!, exclusively available for download on the Nintendo DSi™ Shop beginning Monday, April 26, 2010. The screenshots depict ten different tools and contraptions players use to deliver the endangered Dodo eggs to safety and out of the clutches of extinction.

DodoGo! is an adventure / puzzle game that will require imagination and wit to save an endangered species from an impending demise. By applying a variety of in-game tools, players must guide the Dodo eggs across nearly 100 levels of inhospitable environments while avoiding obstacles, pitfalls and threatening predators. With the Nintendo DSi stylus in hand, players will need to interact with unique environmental challenges on each mission. Ten abilities will help players manipulate the eggs to stop, regroup, catapult, jump, complete U-turns, climb or cushion falls. Throughout every challenging level, the survival of the Dodo species resides in the hands of the player.

On the DodoGo! website (, players can access the latest game news, exclusive downloadable content – including music from the game and concept art, and a chance to compete for the world’s top score.

DodoGo! Ability Toolbox:

* Decks: This tool creates a temporary bridge or wall and acts as a cushion protecting an egg’s fall, preventing damage to its fragile shell. Act quickly! Decks will crumble and can be destroyed easily.
* Stone blocks: Use blocks to fill a collapsed point in the game to guide eggs successfully in their journey. However, stone blocks are subject to gravity and can destroy objects in the game.
* Springs: Take advantage of embedded adjustable springs and use them to project your eggs across dangerous environments or to advance in levels.
* Shovel: Use the shovel to fill or remove holes, dig tunnels, and manipulate different elements of the ground for player advantage.
* Robo-Eggs: Similar in appearance to a Dodo egg, the Robo-egg is a destructive bomb that can be activated by attaching a rope to its shell, which can be handy in emergency situations.
* Brush: Use the stylus to create dust clouds or fire to help sneak by predators, and create traps or a distraction.
* Saw: The stylus can act as a saw and cut through decorative elements such as ropes or wooden floors to bring the Dodo eggs to safety.
* Axels: Activate axels with ropes to suspend blocks that can act as a pulley or anchor that can be used for environment manipulation.
* Switches: A switch acts as a mechanism to create doors and traps that can be activated by using different in-game properties such as rocks, soil and wood.
* Fans: Create air or water currents with fans when eggs are submerged to help shelter them from harm.

DodoGo! is a game of action and strategic thinking in which players must be imaginative and cunning to rescue lost Dodo eggs. DodoGo! offers an entertaining experience for players of all ages as they explore the nearly 100 levels of Domo Island.

DodoGo! is a registered trademark of Alien After All SAS. © 2010 Alien After All SAS all rights reserved. Trademarks are property of their respective owners. Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSiWare are trademarks of Nintendo.

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