Beth Thornley – Wash U Clean (CD)

LA, by way of Alabama, musician Beth Thornley may have turned in the first record of 2010 that is simply too impossible to cram into an easily definable genre. And that’s a good thing.

Her third album, Wash U Clean, is at times Power Pop, singer songwriter and indie pop and often all at once. Rather than sounding sloppy, the effect is refreshingly brilliant. From the quirky album opener and title track, a song that could easily have been written by Beck in the late 90’s, to the Death Cab for Cutie vibe of “It’s Me”, Thornley delivers an almost perfect album.

The only stumble on the record is the too goofy for its own good track “You’re So Pony”. Otherwise, nearly flawless.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Top track: “It’s Me”

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