Deadly Impact Unrated (DVD)

It seems as if Deadly Impact was a film that went under a great many radars when it was first released, but Fox / MGM has looked to rectify that with the release of the movie’s unrated version. In Deadly Impact, a set of hard-nosed individuals played by The Sopranos star Joe Pantoliano and Sean Patrick Flanery (from The Boondock Saints) strike out against one another. This is because Thomas Armstrong (Flanery) is attempting to take down The Lion (Pantoliano), a world-renowned hitman. Where The Lion had an upper hand on Armstrong in the earlier part of the film, FBI agent Isabel Ordonez (played here by Carmen Serano of Breaking Bad acts as what Armstrong may just need to take down this cold-blooded killer.

The film really shines under the direction of Robert Kurtzman, whom film-savvy individuals know as one of the leaders in cutting-edge stunts and explosions in the industry today. Where individuals that want a high-falutin’ type of intellectual masterpiece may not exactly find what they are wanting in Deadly Impact, those wanting a fun, intense, and high-octane thriller will dig this flick.

While there does not seem to be too much additional in the way of features here, the film itself should be reason enough to pick up this DVD. Here’s to hoping that Flanery and Pantoliano are able to hook up again for another film.  The unrated version of this film ensures that viewers are able to take in every scene as Kurtzman intended, while the DVD format of the film is cut well enough both in terms of video and audio to make for a fully engrossing film. Check this out today, if you are a fan of these types of thrillers.

Rating: 7.2/10

Deadly Impact Unrated (DVD) / 2010 Fox / 96 Minutes / /

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