Doc Martin, Series 3 (DVD)

Doc Martin, for those that have missed it up to this point, is an ITV-shown comedy/drama that surrounds the culture clash that general practicioner Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes, of Men Behaving Badly and Hunting Venus) has with eir new assignment in Portwenn, a backwards type of town. The third season of Doc Martin continues this formula but contains more than enough new material to keep individuals watching through.

This means that episodes like “Movement” move slightly away from the drama / diagnosis dichotomy, where “City Slickers” showcases exactly how much Ellingham has become like those inhabitants that ey once struggled against. The seven episodes that comprise this 2007-aired season comes forth as strong as any on the series up to that point. In fact, the season’s final episode, “Happily Ever After”, splices Ellingham’s marital bliss with a rogue party-popper and a broken pelvis. Viewers are left with a sort of conclusion to the show, as all major story-lines seem to have drawn to a close.

While there is not much in the way of additional features to be had on this DVD set, the inclusion of cast trivia will undoubtedly provide viewers with some information that they would not have normally known. The specific filmographies that are present here are not too much different than would be found during a quick perusal of IMDB, but they do provide convenience whenever individuals are sitting on the couch. Acorn has ensured that this season of Doc Martin looks and sounds great, and is put forth at a very approachable price point that will ensure that viewers are able to catch up quickly to the current season (4) and any future ones (season five is slated to go into production in 2011).

Rating: 7.9/10

Doc Martin, Series 3 (DVD) / 2010 Acorn Media / 323 Minutes /

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