Duc’n It Easy – October (CD)

“Little Games” is the first track on “October”, and from the onset of “October”, the members of Duc’n It Easy are confident. So confident, in fact, that this introduction to the band is well over seven minutes. The interplay between the lead and rhythm guitar drives this track to a pinnacle that few bands can achieve, while the drums fill in at the right places to keep things innovative. Little more is needed than those elements to creative a beast of a track that will be ringing in listeners’ ears well after the track cuts out. “Fallin’ From Grace” showcases the band’s ability to switch their style completely while keeping a common thread present.
The band is still rock-based at the end of the day, but Duc’n It Easy adds a fair dollop of funk and laid-back blues influences to their sound. With vocals that are simultaneously emotive and musically brilliant, Duc’n It Easy comes out with two impressive tracks right off of the bat. “October”, the EP’s titular track, continues the band’s soulful trajectory with a vocal-heavy focus that is both endearing and sad at the same time. When the drums finally enter into the equation, the band is able to unite the two disparate elements that represented their release up to that point. “Whiskey & Peanuts” keeps things interesting, with the same guitar dichotomy first broached during “Little Games” uniting to make a jam-worthy assault.

Despite each track representing an effort that could easily make its way onto college radio or hip alternative stations, Duc’n It Easy continue to craft different and challenging tracks all the way out to “Duc’n It (Back To MA)”. There may only be six tracks comprising the whole of “October”, but I can say with certainty that the band will be able to move to a full length release without losing any of the magic that was created here. With solid production, always-shifting and scintillating arrangements, and a set of pipes on the lead, Duc’n It Easy are a band that fans of all stripes can appreciate.

Top Tracks: Fallin’ From Grace, Whiskey & Peanuts

Rating: 8.0/10

Duc’n It Easy – October / 2010 Self / 6 Tracks / http://www.ducniteasy.com /

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