Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City (PS3)

This collection contains The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, and does not require that an individual already has Grand Theft Auto IV to play. With these facts, it would make sense just to pick up the title – a sub-$40 price tag makes it worthwhile, but there are some other reasons that this title further builds on the GTA IV platform. First off, there are a few additional radio stations to keep joyriding interesting, while the title introduces a number of different weapons to properly lay down the law.

While the pool cue is an interesting effort, I feel that the automatic shotgun provides a tremendous amount of crowd control and adds considerably to the game play. However, it is the inclusion of gang wars to The Lost and the Damned’s side that further spices up GTA IV – the ability to build oneself up as a banger brings further amounts of guns into the title. The second side of Episodes From Liberty City – The Ballad of Gay Tony – ratchets up the storytelling element of the title while bringing a little bit of Vice City into the mix.

Far from being limited to only story elements, flying in the GTA IV world is bolstered through these Gay Tony inclusions – the Skylift is heavy duty equipment while the much more agile Buzzard requires much more control. Furthermore, the fighting skills honed during the title are given a much-needed outlet through the added ability to enter into and win underground fighting tournaments. With both added episodes present, Episodes From Liberty City really gives players a sense of what exactly Rockstar had intended for the full GTA IV experience. If you do not already have the whole of the title, make sure to pick up Episodes From Liberty City and see what you have been missing.

Rating: 8.5/10

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