Hero Pattern – The Deception EP (CD)

Hero Pattern – The Deception EP / 2006 Self / 6 Tracks / http://www.heropattern.com / http://www.myspace.com/heropattern / Reviewed 21 January 2007

Hero Pattern are smart. They start out their EP with a sub-1:45 track in “Don’t Even Miss Me”. The high amount of energy present in this track is a perfect introduction for anyone who has not heard Hero Pattern up to this point, and for anyone that might feel as if the band is trying to do too much with a limited amount of material, the song ends just as quickly as it started. At some point, Hero Patterns sounds like a sped up version of Goo Goo Dolls, with a little punk rock energy added to the mix. The speed is slowed slightly during “You Don’t Say”, but the vocals again push forth as the focal point of Hero Pattern. While the momentum that the band worked up is dampened slightly during “You Don’t Say”, the chorus restores any energy that they might have lost.

Definitely, Hero Pattern is an act that could easily be the next band that is given high amounts of rotation on rock radio stations all across the United States. The band struggles to create “the next big thing”, with the aforementioned “You Don’t Say” being close to the level that they need. The guitar and bass interact nicely during “Shake This Feeling, and while the instrumentation are thoughtful and intense all at the same time, the vocals again dominate. This was not the best decision that Hero Pattern could have taken for this track, but the harmonies achieved by the vocalist during the chorus are easily at an level equal to the instrumentation on “Shake This Feeling”.

Hero Pattern struggle and claw their way up the rock ranks with each track on this EP, but this album should be seen as an introduction to Hero Pattern. There will be better things for the band in the next few years, but this album shows them as still struggling to create perfection. The guitar solo that is present for a few seconds during “Shake This Feeling” could have been extended, and while issues like this are small, they must be taken into consideration when one factors in the enjoyment they have with this EP. Pick up this EP and keep an eye and ears on Hero Pattern. There is a good chance that they could make it big, but this EP shows that the band still has some rough spots to smooth out before they get there.

Top Track: Shake This Feeling

Rating: 5.1/10


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