Hit The Switch – Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice (CD)

Hit The Switch – Domestic Tranquility & Social Justice / 2006 Nitro / 12 Tracks / http://www.hittheswitch.net / http://www.nitrorecords.com / Reviewed 08 August 2006

Hit The Switch sounds a lot like Anti-Flag when it comes down to it. Of course, the vocalist does not sound exactly like Justin Sane, but there is enough in common with both bands to make an extended comparison. It is especially present (during tracks like “Heavenly Deception”) that Hit the Switch and Anti-Flag converge on one point in the horizon. The good thing is that the band assaults listeners with different tracks each two minutes, so if the band is getting a little stale for a specific track, chances are good that it will be less a minute until the next track comes up. One thing about the band; Hit The Switch is an act that has a lot of talent when it comes to creating music.

For example, during songs like “Shift”, the band is able to blend together punk, metal, and even emo to come up with a furious track that will link together Sum 41 with Rancid and Avenged Sevenfold, and tops that off with the aforementioned Anti-Flag influence. “Shift” is the track that the band should ride to the top of the radio charts. It is short, it is punchy, and it breaks away far enough from the Anti-Flag sound to bring the band into their own. The band needs to come out with more of their own sound on this album, but there is no denying the fact that Hit the Switch is one of the most talented bands in punk rock today. Some of the tracks do not really change the demeanor of the disc or add much to the equation (like “Anarcho-Syndicalist”), but they sound good.

These tracks are not necessarily filler but really bulk up the disc and highlight certain things so that songs like “Imperial Horizon” will shine all that much more. The fact that Hit The Switch can blend pop punk with politics is always a good sign. Even though there have been a number of acts in the last few years that do much of the same thing (Anti-Flag, NoFX, and even Goldfinger), Hit The Switch just shows that there are serious problems with the government currently in place and that any individual can change the world if they put their mind to it. The band may still need to find their own style with future releases, but this is a good starting place for a band and for listeners of this band.

Top Tracks: Imperial Horizon, Shift

Rating: 6.9/10


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