Platinum Life Web Edition (Facebook)

This is the first time that we have done up a review of a Facebook game, but we received a pre-release link and really dug what it was about. The wife even picked up on it, so there is some considerable cross-over allure provided by the title. The star power that has been associated with the game is fairly impressive, as well. This means that upcoming rappers, singers, or DJs can rap with, shoot videos alongside, or otherwise hook up with stars like Ludacris, Shontelle, or DJ Skee. As part of the actual rap scene surrounds the look that an individual has, different pieces of clothing – be it shirts, hats, watches, rings, or the like – all provide players with the extra oomph that is necessary to make it big in their specific scene.

The title seems to have much more customization than is present in titles like Restaurant City or Petville, but there is still considerable limitation to what a player can do. I want there to be other sides to the title, whether it be side jobs, more clearly-defined activities (rather than just clicking on different tiles that do the same thing), or just a little bit more generally to do. While Platinum Life has a foot up on other Facebook games, I feel that it could be further bolstered.

There are some problems with the title that I feel should be ironed out before the game gets too big. For example, I had no success actually playing gigs with my rapper when I was signed in to Facebook on my Firefox, but that may be due to NoScript or similar restrictions. This manifested itself again when I attempted to redeem my free restore to my juice bar as well as when I attempted to battle other players. Also, there seems to be a time with each set of levels that the game feels like nothing more than grinding – you already have all the new gear and are playing the same few venues for what seems like forever.

Rating: 6.0/10

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