Plum Gekkeikan (26 Proof)

While there seems to be a number of sites that catalogue the newest and flashiest of the sake products released stateside, I feel that the Plum Gekkeikan that has been on the market for some time is something that should be given publicity. I have no doubt that a number of Asian buffets throughout the United States have a bottle of this either up on their liquor shelves or use it in some of their dishes, but any intrepid imbiber should search out a bottle of this for their own personal consumption. When individuals first open a bottle of Plum Gekkeikan, a fresh fragrance of fruit and other floral notes comes forth, with a slight alcohol bite following soon after.

It is when these individuals choose to incorporate the Plum Gekkeikan into a drink where the wine begins to shine brightest, though. This is due to the fact that this plum wine can be used in countless drinks, chilled, served at room temperature, or even used in place of any number of varietals of red wine. For my money, I would link together all aspects of a meal with the Gekkeikan, serving it chilled as a palette cleanser while eating a main course of chicken or beef that has taken advantage of a Gekkeikan reduction.

However, if potential imbibers are not that brave, they can try out any one of a host of different mixed drinks. Of particular note would have to be the Plum Gold, which puts together two measures of the Plum Gekkeikan with one measure of Orange Juice. Where most would just put in a more neutral spirit into an orange juice or a soda to fortify their drink, the insertion of Plum Gekkeikan into one of these creates a much more nuanced effort than would normally be present. Where trends like orange wine and Capinirhas seem to be the biggest and best in social drinking, I feel that there should be a renaissance of Plum Wines in the next few years. Buy a bottle tonight and see what is special.

Rating: 8.2/10

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