Sonic Rebellion – Heads We Win… Tails You Lose (CD)

“Awake Now” begins “Heads We Win”, and it skillfully ties together rock music from the seventies (Foghat, AC/DC, Boston), alternative music from the nineties (Weezer, Black Crowes) and current efforts (Buckcherry) into something that is hard-hitting while catchy to a large fan base. “Song About Revenge” starts out with crunchy guitars, splashy drums, and takes no prisoners in the band’s creation of timeless rock that will remind listeners of leather-enrobed bands like Judas Priest. It is this energy that really acts as the constant throughout all 12 tracks on “Heads We Win”; late disc tracks like “No End In Sight” and “Stripped Down” continue to take no prisoners.

“Make It To Midnite” exchanges some of the grit and brimstone for a more KISS-like approach; catchy melodies work alongside confident guitars to make something that still has an edge even as the band continues to expand their sound. “I Got Mine” allows the bass to take the front and center position, allowing the band to craft a completely new sound for the album. During this track, Sonic Rebellion walks a tight-rope between a current rock sound and something that feels inspired by an early-eighties Rush sound.

Regardless, part of “Heads We Win’s” allure has to be the spontaneity of Sonic Rebellion. While each track is able to work in a simple rock vein, Sonic Rebellion continually shifts influences and experiments with different sounds and styles. The result is that no two tracks on this album sound the same, and that listeners are constantly on the edge of their seat, never knowing where the band may take them. It is hard to make a genre like rock exciting after so many bands have sullied it’s good name, but Sonic Rebellion cuts an album that may just be sick enough to get people excited in the genre again.

Top Tracks: Awake Now, Make It To Midnite

Rating: 8.2/10

Sonic Rebellion – Heads We Win… Tails You Lose / 2010 Self / 12 Tracks /

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