The Luyas Reveal Themselves To All

The Luyas is the project of Pietro Amato, Mathieu Charbonneau, Stefan Schneider, Jessie Stein and occasionally Sarah Neufeld. The band first came together somewhat haphazardly, the initial result of which was their debut album, Faker Death, which the band released independently, and then on Canadian boutique label, You’ve Changed Records.

In 2009 the band made a record with old friend and Canadian master, Jeff Mcmurrich, maker of the coolest records north of the border. Many hours of processing live sounds through boxes ensued. Torrid romances played themselves out, families crumbled, the economy weakened, Owen Pallett did orchestral arrangements, everybody cried. Life is life for everyone. The Luyas played with their boxes. Coffee, beer, whiskey, worse; All of this was processed through a space echo. Then it was the end of the summer.

So the band went to Europe. They toured extensively supporting Bell Orchestre. Sarah cut Jessie’s hair off into the Danube on the last day of the tour.

The band will be touring the US in spring 2010. Look out for a new album.

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