Dr Mac – Ready To Rock Kids, Vol. 3 (CD)

There are few acts that are currently crafting children’s music that are able to go forth and make their music compelling to a wider fan base, but that is exactly what Dr Mac does with his third installment of the “Ready To Rock Kids” line. “Reach Out” mixes light rock with children-led vocals. Unlike the Kidz Bop series, these tracks are crafted for children and as such, are able to have a more honest narrative. The positive message put forth by a track like “Reach Out”, to be confident in oneself when one wants to be friends (or even boyfriend/girlfriend) is done in a way that both parents and children will appreciate. “Shake It Out and Dance” is a track that musically stands at the juncture of show tunes, rock, and today’s pop music.

The vocals here are front and center, but they are able to shine due to intelligent arrangements that never seem to rest on their laurels. The different segments of each track on “Ready To Rock Kids” ensure that the track is able to keep the attention of children that may not have the longest attention spans. “Big Kids Know How To Cry” is perhaps the most interesting track on this album, as it tackles a serious issue in a way that will not seem embarrassing for the age groups which Dr Mac is looking to approach. Rather, those children that are able to listen to this track will be able to cope with their life issues in a way that few can, setting themselves up nicely for a well-adjusted adulthood.

The slower tempo of this track is a great decision made by Dr Mac, as it allows listeners to more easily take up this message than would be the case in a faster-paced or more rock-heavy track. Dr Mac ensures that the good messages continue to the edge of this CD, as “Better Together” shows. The presence of male and female vocals here, as with a number of the album’s track, gives listeners the ability to identify more strongly with the message contained within. The music side of things continues to be interesting and diverse as all get out, with a more Irish feel to the song. I have no doubt in my mind that those children that listen to Dr Mac are going to be happy, well-behaved, and intelligent, and that subseuqnt volumes in this series will only serve to further inculcate these behavior patterns into listeners. If you are looking to have kids or have them already, check out the link above to purchase some truly beneficial music.

Top Tracks: Reach Out, Shake It Out and Dance

Rating: 8.4/10

Dr Mac – Ready To Rock Kids, Vol. 3 / 2010 Self / 12 Tracks / http://www.drmacmusic.com /

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