Reykjavik-based electro-pop trio FM Belfast recently debuted a brand new video for their single “Underwear,” with Stereogum (Vimeo version here), who noted that it’s “lots of fun dancing but also strikes an eerie note, since it focuses on the ideas that a) lots of people dance alone b) in their underwear and c) not many people look beautiful dancing, especially once they’re slowed down, sped up, or frozen. The result, however, is quite beautiful: Intimate, lonely, and still fun.”

“Underwear” is off the band’s US debut How to make friends, out now on Kimi Records. Directed by DANIELS (production duo Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan), the video features heavily-manipulated footage of interchangeably manic, bumbling and joyous solo dancers (Ani Raya-Flores, James Mackey and Marilyn Heidecker), inevitably culminating with them in their underwear.

FM Belfast is currently in the midst of a European tour, hitting up festivals across the continent, and will return to the US later this year.

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