In Case of Fire – S/T (CD)

In Case of Fire – S/T / 2005 Self / 4 Tracks / / / Reviewed 12 March 2006

While the sound of “Violence and Pictures” seems pretty hard from the start, what comes forth during the track is a much more nuanced brand of sound. This is not emo music, but rather a fusion of emo and rock that defies any easy categorization. Driven, intense and with a fire that can not be quashed, In Case Of Fire kicks this album off in a way that bands years older than they struggle with. The band has gotten publicity for this skill, as Kerrang (one of Europe’s biggest rock magazine) awarded the band a spot playing with Fightstar. This intensity is moderated but the band does not stop working for “Call To Arms”; what results is something that is much more earthy and organic than “Violence and Pictures”.

The landscape that the band creates is only matched by the emo bands from the halcyon days of the mid nineties; the band takes quite a few steps from them as In Case of Fire creates a compelling style. The fact that individuals will know exactly what the band stands for by the end of the last track here shows a maturity that will only serve them well in the next few years. While there is a lot of background noise present in “Call To Arms”, the band handles the chaos well in making for yet another compelling track. It may just be “The Cleansing” that is the most compelling track on this EP; besides having an utterly bombastic opening to the song, there is a soft side shown that is diametrically opposed to the rest of the track. The multiple layers of vocals on the track give In Case of Fire a full sound that is still open; individuals will be gasping for air at the end of the track.

The band starts off “…And Sorrows” in much of the same way as “Call To Arms”, as the band begins to close up shop. While it is true that the vocals control some of the destiny concerning the emotion and tenor of the track, the guitars and drums are in the driver’s seat for this one .The wall of sound that confronts listeners during the middle of the track is enough to tell volumes of emotion; what only is in reality three and a half minutes sounds more like an eternity. In Case of Fire succeeds with this CD and it should be no real surprise for listeners to see them on Top of the Pops or mTV in the next few years.

Top Track: “…And Sorrows”

Rating: 6.7/10


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