In Civilian Clothing – We Made A Killing, We Made A Mess (CD)

In Civilian Clothing – We Made A Killing, We Made A Mess / 2006 Right Place / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 21 January 2007

In Civilian Clothing does not give individuals much of an idea what they will eventually sound like at the beginning of “Poets of the Great Salvation”. The style is sedate and the vocal style is quite and does not become powerful until well over a minute of music has passed. After the track is mostly over, In Civilian Clothing can be called an indie meets ambient electronic band. The resulting music is very interesting and without much in the way of comparison in current music.

Overall, the electronic backdrop works perfectly with the vocal style on “Poets of the Great Salvation”. However at the end of the track individuals are left wondering whether the band will be able to continue on this path without becoming trite or played out. The hopeful sounds that come forth from the vocals on “Current Therapist” make this track fundamentally different than the prior track, but the haunting melodies of In Civilian Clothing are maintained. The drums which come in and out of the picture further give In Civilian Clothing that much more power. While individuals may claim that vocals on tracks like “Opening Doors at the Point of a Sword” are on the whiny side, I would have to say that In Civilian Clothing works the unique sound of the vocals in perfectly with the emotional and earthy instrumentation on the track. The disc is over three-fourths of an hour and individuals will be taken on a trip for the entirety of this time. The band does not let up throughout the entirety of “We Made A Killing”: In Civilian Clothing knows exactly what they wish to do on this album.

The dual vocals present during “Art of Conversation” puts In Civilian Clothing over the edge; each song will make individuals want to grab a mic and sing along. A band has not had this allure since Two Gallants released their last album. The heart-felt melodies of “Art of Conversation” should just solidify their place among the best known bands of the era. I sincerely hope that In Civilian Clothing comes out with more in the way of music in the next few years, so that I can continue to be surprised and excited by this distinctive and always-impressive act. Give In Civilian Clothing a tenner and receive a copy of this album, or go to one of their live shows and have their distinctive style of music wash over you.

Top Tracks: Art of Conversation, Believe Me Sir

Rating: 8.1/10


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