InMemory – In So Many Words (CD)

InMemory – In So Many Words / 2004 Doughmain / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 02 June 2005

InMemory plays the same brand of emo that is so present uin every high school and music scene through the United States. InMemory’s hook is that they have a greater ear for arrangement and have a better general sound than 99% of the bands currently out on the scene. The high-energy opening to “In So Many Words”, “American Bachelor” will amaze with the ever-present bass of Dave and the multiple vocals present on the track. “Accents Are Overrated” comes through with the same energy that opening the disc and Marco’s vocals on this track, sing-songy as they are work as a perfect foil to the on-topic and straight-forward drum beats on the track.

Throughout the entirety of “In So Many Words”, InMemory’s strongest suit has to be their ability to come up with a certain funkiness to their tracks that is usually given to the track by the vocals, but can be initiated by Jon and Mickle’s guitars just as with Davey’s drums. “Dry Bristles” is yet another hit for the band, a track that succeeds primarily from the doubling of the vocals during the track and the intense rhythms attempted on the drums throughout. I have absolutely no idea why InMemory is not a larger act at this current period; I understand they were already on “A Santa Cause” (and #1 on PureVolume), but with the quality of the music on “In So Many Words”, there is no reason why they should not be played on the rock countdowns throughout the nation.

The only thing that could be construed as a weakness on “In So Many Words” is that the vocals on tracks like “Girls & Boys” feel a little too thin and reedy; there should be a little more support given to them. Otherwise, the disc’s production is perfect; I mean, honestly – the bass line on the aforementioned “Girls & Boys” is even more memorable than “The Quiet Things…” by Brand New. I had originally thought the best band to come out of that “Santa Cause” compilation was The Matches; I might just have been a little hasty in giving that title, as InMemory cuts to the quick with their disc and does not let up throughout “Words’” twelve tracks. Hell, the band even makes bold moves in the later sections of this disc; just evidence the heavy synth use on “Daddy Raised Us Kings”. This disc is great, no other discussion needed.

Top Tracks: Daddy Raised Us Kings, Accents Are Overated

Rating: 8.8/10

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