Iron Man 2 (Xbox 360)

There is a serious amount of action to be had in Sega’s Xbox 360 version of Iron Man 2, which represents a title that is associated with a movie that can actually stand as a separate entity. Where it feels almost as if games will just be slapped together once a company has the rights to the title, there are a number of nuances present in this title that places this release firmly on the “check out” side of things. The story itself takes place slightly after the events of Iron Man 2, meaning that players are stacked up against a Russian boss that has absconded with Stark’s technology.

The title puts players through eight distinct levels requiring extreme prowess, as players have to match wits through this leaders’ machinations, be they tanks, planes, or even ultra-armored robots. The graphics are such that there is a solid blend of realism and super-charged action, where players could conceivably imagine themselves in the locales even as they are using the awesome power of Iron Man or War Machine. For those completist buffs, the voice acting is given a shot in the arm through the inclusion of Iron Man 2 actors Samuel L. Jackson and Don Cheadle. In much the same way, the game play is as intuitive as one flying around, dispatching enemies with laser beams could conceivably be. While the on-screen action can get a little intense as baddies pop up, difficulty here is based on skill rather than sheer luck.

Where there are drawbacks in terms of customization in many titles in the action genre, Iron Man 2 incorporates the ability to make one’s experience totally unique. This is done through placing points in weapons, armor, and further research departments. The only thing that really seems to be a drawback during the Xbox 360 version of Iron Man 2 is the game’s run time. Where there may be some struggling had by the younger set in completing the title, those more adept players will be able to finish up the title in about 10 hours. Overall, Iron Man 2 is a title that would be enjoyable even without its license; any minor issues with the title are more than easy to ignore when one straps in to the suit and begins to waste things.

Rating: 8.0/10

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