Ivy’s Butterfly – façade (CD)

Aside from the wonderful new-plastic smell of the CD booklet, Ivy’s Butterfly strikes me at the beginning of their CD for another reason : the rich layering of vocals and the guitars unafraid to be both explorative and to rock out. Ivy’s Butterfly also provides me with a slight problem, as with Go Rimbaud, the sheer work they do on each track renders it virtually impossible to assign a generally-acceptable label to them. Out of each track’s incredible amount of guitar noise and splashy drums comes a screeching set of vocals that binds all other elements together in a wildly dancing, barely clothed work of art in tracks such as “Rocking Horse” and “Trade Secret”. Three individuals make the music put out by Ivy’s Butterfly, which itself sounds like a chore for twice this many people. Much like the various chase scenes in Tron, each individual (Devon,. Robby, and Aubrey) find their own way too conquer the blank slate that is life only to come together and make an effort that is greater than the sum of its parts. Conquering such hard-to-tackle topics such as depression and suicide (“The Second Great Depression”), the consequences of an accident and the state of the world after it (“Minus One Car Crash”), and the conformation of television society (“Robot Generation”), Ivy’s Butterfly stays away from the weepy love songs done a thousand times over and actually makes a CD that motivates the mind and the aural sense. Pick this up or I –will- beat you up.

Top Track : Buy and Sell

Rating : 8.8/10

Ivy’s Butterfly – façade / Fall Records / 2003 / 7 Tracks / Fall Records / http://www.fallrecords.com / http://www.ivysbutterfly.com

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