Pa’Qui Reposado (Tequila)

I know that we are only a few minutes away from the end of the night, but I thought that we here at NeuFutur would have a little bit of the Cinco De Mayo spirit. We have been holding back on covering Pa’Qui (Aztec for “to be happy”) for a while now, not only because it is such a beautifully-covered tequila but also because it is one of the most pricey tequila’s that we have ever had the chance to review. The bottle that we are covering tonight retails for about $50 at the 750ml level, and provides imbibers with a tremendously calm and collected nose.

Where the Reposado has been aged for a decent amount of time before being bottled, there is a mildness associated with this varietal is truly deceptive. Where I would like a solid Anejo (or Extra Anejo) to sip on after a long, hard day, this Reposado really steps to the plate. Where the harshness of mass-produced tequilas may have put off individuals from experiencing shots or sips of the spirit, I have complete faith that taking in a draught or two of the Pa’Qui will wipe that slate clean. There is some traction for this tequila in mixed drinks, but I feel that the colorful notes and flavors present in each sip of the straight spirit is somewhat left to waste when individuals whip up a margarita or tequila sunrise.

However, the deceptive aging of the Pa’Qui Reposado is quite nice in one non-straight alley: try a shot of it over the rocks, and what an imbiber is left with is nothing short of sublime. If you are a fan of a more bold and brash varietal, give Pa’Qui’s Silvera a spin, and if one wants to try out something that even exceeds the Reposado in woody and complex tones, check out their Anejo. One thing that unites these varietals, though: together, they truly represent the cream of the crop when it comes to their other agave-based brethren.

Rating: 8.5/10

Pa’Qui Reposado (Tequila)/ 80 Proof /

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