The K Singles Zip-Pak to Kick Off with New Mirah, Electric Sunset Songs

The K Singles Zip-Pak, a new subscription series of electronic singles, will begin July 1 with an advance preview of Mirah’s “Gone Are all the Days” 12” single [KLP222]. Include are all four versions of “Gone Are all the Days” from the 12” release plus a bonus dance re-mix by Shawn Parke and a rhythm mix by Christopher Doulgeris available only through the K Mail Order Dept. This debut week of the K Singles Zip-Pak will included a gallery of high-resolution scans of posters from various Mirah performances around the world spanning the last ten years.

Shawn Parke is a Northwest Hip-Hop producer who also contributed a remix of “Nobody Has to Stay” to the Mirah album Joyride: Remixes [KLP177]. Christopher Doulgeris is one of the founders of the Portland, Ore. performance and animation duo Hooliganship. He has been working as musician and producer with K artists Mirah and Tender Forever.

The second week of the K Singles Zip-Pak will feature two songs from the debut album by Electric Sunset (featuring former members of Desolation Wilderness), Electric Sunset [KLP221], “Soda” and “Here Comes Midnight”, plus a new song unavailable elsewhere, “Destroyer”. Nic Zwart of Electric Sunset will also provide K Singles Zip-Pak subscribers a special stripped-down dance remix of “Soda”, and a custom ringtone derived from “Destroyer”.

The K Singles Zip-Pak, is a series of underground singles delivered directly to virtual doorsteps every week and is available exclusively by subscription. It is filled with 2+ songs from various upcoming K hardcopy releases like the International Pop Underground series of 7” 45 rpm records, the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate singles and the regular album releases, and delivered to our subscribers six weeks ahead of the normally scheduled street date. A year’s subscription to the K Singles Zip-Pak means hundreds of new favorite songs arriving effortlessly, By subscribing to the K Singles Zip-Pak one receives 50 weeks of the latest in K Records MP3 delectability: new songs by Mirah, Chain & the Gang, LAKE, Karl Blau, the Hive Dwellers, Adrian Orange, Strange Boys, Jeremy Jay, and more, as well as introductory work by artists like City Center, Kendl Winter, Joey Casio, Christmas, Rainbow Bridge and Electric Sunset.

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