Like listening to old bluesmen on your new iPod Touch, BRONZE RADIO RETURN is a band that is all about the juxtaposition of the old and new. Their new album Old Time Speaker (which is out now) is the ultimate love letter to all of the things that make their music what it is.

Producer Doug Derryberry (Kings Of Leon, Ben Folds Five) discovered the band’s considerable talents at a NYC show and produced their first EP. For Old Time Speaker producer Chad Copelin (Bishop Allen) took the Northeastern band below the Mason Dixon to record their ten-track endeavor. This new album saw the band trying to experience as much of the country as possible, hitting the road for incredibly long stretches to share their music with as many people as possible.


MP3 OF “IT’S OK NOW” approved for download and porting

As lead singer Chris Henderson sings “I just fell in love with a forty-five (rpm record) been kept alive in a box over 30 years old,” it’s lyrics like these which really show a respect for the music that inspired the band so much.

The serious nature of the band members’ musicianship led them to study their craft for their higher education. They met playing throughout CT and NY in various permutations through mutual friends. The way they modernize this traditional American style of music is what makes them truly unique. “We each offer a different spin on the music we play,” offers Henderson, who professes great appreciation for Ben Harper and Muddy Waters. “That’s really how we found our unique sound. Everyone has a voice and adds to it.” Bandmates cite everyone from Stevie Wonder to Tom Petty as influences.

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7.1 – MANAYUNK, PA The Grape Room
7.2 – BALTIMORE , MD 8 x 10
7.16 – PORTLAND, ME Empire Dine and Dance
7.29 – BRIDGEPORT , CT Gathering of the Vibes
8.7 – NEW YORK, NY Crash Mansion
8.10 – PHILADELPHIA, PA the Grape Room
8.11 – BETHLEHEM, PA Musikfest
8.12 – NEW HOPE, PA Triumph Brewing Company
8.13 – GREENSBURG , PA Summer Sounds Concert Series
9.4 – CHESTNUT HILL, MA Boston College
9.11 – MASSENA, NY 45th Parallel Music Festival


RPWL Confirms UNITED STATES Performance On October 2, 2010 At CALPROG Festival In Whittier, CA

Fresh on the heels of the release of their tenth anniversary retrospective “The Gentle Art of Music”, German Prog Rockers RPWL have confirmed that they will be returning to the United States. Their performance will take place at The CalProg Festival on October 2, 2010 which is being held in Whittier, California at the Center Stage Theater. RPWL will be appearing alongside: Ambrosia, District 97 and Mirthkon. For more info and to purchase tickets be sure to visit

RPWL guitarist and founding member Kalle Wallner had the following to say about the bands return to the United States:

“Almost three years have passed since our last gig in the U.S. Playing at the Rites Of Spring Festival in 2007 was a gorgeous experience. The people there have been traveling to Philadelphia from all over the States and were having a great party. So, we’re of course looking forward to coming back and meeting some of our old friends, and hope that we’ll be able to make a lot of new friends in Los Angeles at the CalProg Festival.”

“The Gentle Art of Music” is RPWL’S first release on their own label also called “The Gentle Art of Music” and it is being distributed in North America via Dismanic/AFM Records/ADA.

Ten years of RPWL marks the perfect occasion to celebrate the band’s anniversary extensively with all of their friends and fans with many concerts all across Europe. But apart from indulging in memories and partying, RPWL are proud to present their brand new Double CD featuring all of their hits from the last ten years as well as new interpretations of classic RPWL tracks with all new acoustic arrangements.

Their unique mix of epic pop, art rock and progressive rock captured audiences right from the start. Thousands of people fell under the spell of Rissetto, Post, Wallner and Lang (RPWL) and followed them to wherever their eight albums took them, including the over 250 shows in more than 15 countries. RPWL quickly became an integral part of the international progressive rock scene. In particular their catchy riffs and socially critical lyrics were met by a great response amongst fans and journalists.

Over the course of their ten years RPWL have accomplished many crowning achievements including: the filming of an episode of the German cult music program “Rockpalast”, their collaboration with Ex-Genesis and Ex-Stiltskin singer Ray Wilson for their hit-single “Roses” and a chorus of praise from the German magazine “Eclipsed” for their masterpiece “World Through My Eyes”.

RPWL have teamed up with AOL Radio to offer a free MP3 download of their track “Trying to Kiss the Sun”. The title track of their 2002 album Trying to Kiss the Sun is a perfect and pure representation of what the RPWL sound is all about. This song also appears on their forthcoming release The Gentle Art of Music a two-disc retrospective celebrating the band’s tenth anniversary. You can access the free download at the following link:

For more on RPWL be sure to visit:

Kamileon Feature

Kamileon has been on the music scene for a number of years, but seems to avoid the trap of coming froth strongly and then becoming mired in a rut or same-sounding groove. Rather, when listeners go through a “Best of” release, what they will hear between tracks like “Skulls of Doom”, “Code of Honor”, and “Last Time” is an artist that continually keeps things interesting while putting forth his entire self with each nanosecond of music.

Many music fans may have missed Kamileon up to this point, but his compositions speak to the diversity and complexity of today’s music scene. Where most of the tracks that we here at NeuFutur have heard fit largely into the electronic or a R&B-styled backing beat, Kamileon lets listeners see the nucleus of his influences – bits and pieces of tracks could fit in nicely to a Young Money song, the latest West Coast joint, or even a more out-there type of rock band (3OH!3, Shwayze, or even LMFAO). Where there definitely is something to be said about artists that can weave a number of songs around a narrowly-defined set of influences or genres, the fact that Kamileon can take from such a wide array of different artists and musicians speaks volumes to his skill.

This eclectic streak reflects in no small way the numerous forces working on Kamileon throughout his period as an artist. Whether it be through sating his creative side through a variety of different programs, both formal or tweaked for that particular use, there is a cogent idea and theme present in every composition. Hints of his native Cincinnati and the sheer hectic nature of a college campus can be heard in “Far East Shade” and “Valkyr’s Dream”, while there seems to be a more youthful, positive outlook in “I’m In Love” and “My Fantasy”.

While there seems to be a more trippy, ambient feel to some of the tracks that Kamileon cuts, there is always an individual that is clear-headed and dedicated to his craft. While artists claim that syrup or pot represents creative Nirvana, Kamileon showcases a moderation that makes each track that much more focused. In the way that rappers like 50 Cent and Ludacris can transfer their creative energies to the celluloid screen, Kamileon is able to come forth and assume whatever role that he sets out to adopt.
For those individuals that wish to see exactly what Kamileon is working on, and how he differs from his previous efforts, hit up his Myspace ( ) , his IM Radio ( http:// ), or his My Music Site ( ). Keep an eye out for any live dates that he may be playing, and make sure to favorite the Myspace to stay abreast of all of his new tracks and further goings on.

Knuckles and Nipples – S/T (CD)

“Knuckles and Nipples”, the band (and the disc’s) theme, comes through with a fury that initially begins with a very growling, Doom-like vocal quality to MC Homeless’ vocals. In “Your Taste In Music Sucks”, the band does really not allow itself enough to really get out and construct an distinct sound for their track. The song is really just a car crash before the occupants could get up to full speed. Now, with “Tough as Shit”, Knuckles and Nipples can actually come up with something that has all the trimmings of an interesting song. Knuckles and Nipples do not necessarily need the most intricate and difficult arrangements to get their listeners involved, but really tend to go through to the other side of things and use their music as a blunt force, knocking their listeners cold.

The track is the longest on this album – almost two minutes – and more of the tracks here need to have this length to really give listeners a proper grounding in what the band is and what they do. This six track EP is under six minutes in full runtime; Knuckles and Nipples (even with what has been said) actually give listeners a hint to the inner workings of the band’s mind. It is during a song like “Tough As Shit” where Maria’s guitar really gets the time it needs to shine; there is material present during the track that really stands out even considering the high amount of chaos that is present on ever second of every track. The guitar work during the disc really seems to work best on repetition, something that is further reflected in MC Homeless’ vocals.

Finishing the disc with “Tsunami Dreams”, the multiple layers of vocals that assault the listeners provide a vocal equivalent to the brutal forces of a tsunami; different waves break against structures to cause the most damage. Things that the band needs to work on; getting a few more in the way of songs, getting those song to a disc, and coming out with a fifteen or sixteen song assault that will serve two purposes; to delight fans and also give a greater introduction to the band for those individuals that have not heard Knuckles and Nipples yet. The recording is shaky at places but all the output is sincere, a factor that makes any technological limitations dissolve in the face of blind rage and fury.

Top Track: Tough As Shit

Rating: 6.5/10

Knuckles and Nipples – S/T / 2006 Self / 6 Tracks / / Reviewed 28 January 2006


Gaslight Anthem Tour Throughout The Summer

The Gaslight Anthem will be bringing their inimitable live show to the following festivals and venues throughout the summer:

14 – Toronto, ON – Sound Academy (w/ Tim Barry and The Menzingers)
15 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore (special lineup also featuring The Hold Steady and The Whigs)
16 – St. Louis, MO – Pop’s *
17 – Kansas City, MO – Midland Theatre *
20 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre *
21 – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern *
22 – San Jose, CA – “Music in the Park Series”
24 – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre *
26 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue *
27 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues *
28 – Columbus, OH – LC Pavillion *
29 – Philadelphia, PA – Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing *
31 – Providence, RI – Lupo’s *

01 – Montreal, QC – Osheaga Music and Arts Festival
02 – Boston, MA – House of Blues *
05 – Asbury Park, NJ – Stone Pony Summerstage (w/ Frank Turner and William Elliott Whitmore)

30 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall (w/ special guests)

09 – Austin City Limits Festival

* = w/ Tim Barry and Chamberlain

Jess Klein – Strawberry Lover (CD)

Jess Klein starts “Strawberry Lover” with one of the most bold steps forward on a disc I’ve ever heard, with “Darkroom” mixing together punk directness, country, musicals (think “Little Shop of Horrors”) and gospel in well less than three minutes. “Shonalee” has to be the farthest that Jess can go away from “Darkroom”, but the nuanced guitar lines on the track ensures the same level of quality being reached by this later track. A middle ground between the first few offerings is made for “Sink My Teeth In”, using the strung-out guitars and quicker tempos of “Darkroom” and more nuanced method of singing of “Shonalee” to make a track destined for alternative radio. What is exciting to me listening to the disc is the fact that Jess’ music so closely skirts the line of “country” music that it could be conceivably played on both country and alternative radio stations without interrupting the flow of either too terribly much. The disc’s title track brings a sultry tone to Klein’s voice, and is masterful in showing that incredibly little in terms of instrumentation on a track is needed to make something wonderful that maintains a listener’s interest.

The ska-infused dope-slow tempo of “Soda Water” shows Klein’s versatility, taking eir vocals in an Esthero or an Ritalin-addled Gwen Stefani-type of direction . The martial drums and wailing of guitars during “Shootout at the Candy Shop” make an odd mish-mash of influences, mixing Lee Ann Womack and the Dixie Chicks with the Outlaws and Lynyrd Skynyrd, something which does not have a parallel in current music – in fact, one really has to look back to Fleetwood Mack for such an inspired decision. The latter part of the disc does not slow down like so many of eir contemporaries; “Orphanage Rage” has a nice rising-falling action that will drag one’s emotions through peaks and valleys while the acoustic/vocal dynamic of “Bombs Are Falling” recalls Janis Joplin.

Jess Klein moves far beyond the folk tag that individuals are apt to put on eir, and really attack the ideas of static music, infusing “Strawberry Lover” with a successful dynamism. This dynamism has been approached by a number of different acts, but the typical result of that is a shattered sense of continuity, a chaos that “ Strawberry Lover” just does not have. Jess Klein is everything to everyone, a true virtuoso that will impress and amuse in any direction that eir wants to go in.

Top Tracks: Willing to Change, Darkroom

Rating: 6.9/10

Jess Klein – Strawberry Lover / 2004 Ryko / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 26 April 2005

New Rusko Video

Check Rusko’s video for ‘Hold On’ featuring Amber Coffman (Dirty Projectors) from his Mad Decent release, O.M.G.!

Rusko dates on HARD Summer Tour

July 8 Cherry Lounge & Pit Tempe, AZ
July 15 Mosaic Kansas City, MO
July 16 Globe Dance Festival Denver, CO
July 17 Camp Bisco Mariaville, New York
July 24 NOS Events Center San Bernadino, CA
Aug 6 Fox Theater Oakland, CA
Aug 7 Lollapalooza Chicago, IL
Aug 14 KOOLHAUS Toronto, ON
Aug 15 Metropolis Montreal, QC
Aug 17 House of Blues Boston, MA
Aug 18 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Rock Frontman Mike Vallely, to Lace ‘Em Up for Federal Hockey League’s Danbury Whalers

Mike Vallely, the renowned skateboarding icon, hard rock music frontman and action sports personality, will bring his unique brand of competitiveness to the sport of ice hockey when he competes this fall for the Danbury (CT) Whalers of the new Federal Hockey League.

An experienced competitive hockey player and a skilled ice skater, Vallely has signed a contract with the team, which will play at the Danbury Ice Arena beginning this fall (

“Mike is a hard-nosed athlete,” said Herm Sorcher, CEO of the franchise. “He wants to play, and we want to give him the opportunity to show what he can do.”

Vallely (pronounced VAL-LA-LEE), who will celebrate his 40th birthday on June 29, is a life-long hockey fan who finally took to the ice at the age of 19. He’s played in high-level recreational league competition and a host of celebrity games, including the National Hockey League’s Celebrity All-Star Game at The Staples Center in 2002. He’s also headlined skateboard hockey demos during the NHL All-Star Weekends in Florida and Minnesota in 2003 and 2004 and remains a well-known fan of the league and its teams.

He is preparing for FHL ( play in Huntington Beach, CA, with renowned strength and conditioning coach Scot Prohaska, who works with several NHL players, including Petr Sykora, Rob Blake, Dwayne Roloson, Dominik Hasek, Ryan VandenBussche, Miroslav Satan and Michael Peca.

He is training at the Shoot 2 Score Hockey facility in San Clemente, CA, and playing weekly with ex-hockey pros of all levels at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, CA, and at the Glacial Gardens rink in Lakewood, CA.

Vallely will be the first-ever professional board sport athlete to play a traditional team sport at the professional level. He is also believed to be the oldest rookie in the history of professional hockey, although that statistic is not verifiable through official records.

Vallely’s connection to hockey skyrocketed unexpectedly in November, 2009, when he attended an Anaheim Ducks game with his wife and daughter. Just as the contest ended, Ducks captain Scott Niedermayer tossed his hockey stick over the glass to Vallely’s daughter, but an adult male fan reached out and grabbed the souvenir, resulting in a fight between the two men. The altercation and its aftermath became a major news story in Southern California as the video was captured by TV cameras and posted to, where it became a viral sensation.

Vallely was cited by law enforcement authorities, but charges were dropped, based on his justifiable defense of his daughter from the aggressive actions of the other man.

In a less serious throw-down in 2004, Vallely called Kip Brennan, then Los Angeles Kings left wing, to a squareoff on ice at the Kings’ Toyota Center practice facility. The two tangled competitively, but Brennan threw three quick punches, leaving Vallely to deal with a split lip, a black eye, and a memorable headache.

“Well, I don’t think he hit me as hard as he could, but he definitely tagged me good,” Vallely said about the 6’4, 230-pound pro athlete. At 5’10, 185-pounds, the feisty Vallely will be smaller than most of his FHL opponents.

If he makes the team, he will wear jersey #22, the number of his all-time favorite NHL player, former Hartford Whaler and New York Ranger tough guy Nick Fotiu, who called Vallely earlier this month to wish him well after hearing of his new venture.

Vallely, also known as Mike V, is considered a legend in the skateboarding world and one of the original founders of street skating. This summer, Mike V will launch of the inaugural “GLORY BOUND SKATEPARK TOUR”, which will hit 24 U.S. cities. The month-long traveling festival, which will feature “a unique mix of skate competition, entertainment, and fan participation like no other event of its kind,” is set to kick off on July 18 in Mesa, Arizona and conclude in Simi Valley, California on August 18. Joining Mike V on every stop of the traveling festival will be street skating legend “The Nomad” Bill Danforth plus Kristian Svitak, Ben Raybourn and Cyril Jackson.

Growing up in Edison, NJ, Vallely always felt disconnected from mainstream teenage life and sought refuge in skateboarding and punk rock music. He began to become known for his warlike approach to street skating, throwing himself above the convention within the world of skating by riding up walls, sliding across park benches and grinding down railings.

By the age of 16, Vallely earned his first sponsorship with Powell Peralta. Less than a year later, Vallely turned pro, joining the ranks of the world-renowned Bones Brigade.

His popularity grew quickly as fans gravitated towards his aggressive and pioneering style, elevating him to a level of celebrity that transcended skating.

Vallely became an ambassador for the sport, traveling around the world, including Russia, Brazil, Israel, and Africa to assert the authenticity of skateboarding as a creative pursuit and a form of self-expression.

His mainstream appeal led to acting roles in the prominent major movie releases, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” and “The Hangover.” He has also appeared in the successful Tony Hawk Pro Skater skateboarding video game series, and has his own television show, DRIVE, on Fuel TV. He is sponsored by skateboard manufacturer, Element.

A firm believer of punk rock music’s influence in skateboarding, Vallely is a vocal member for his rock bands, Mike V and the Rats, and Revolution Mother. Punk rock music was a big part of the skate scene in the early to late 1980s, and this genre of music continues to complement the lifestyle and spirit of skating that Vallely exemplifies.

The FHL has six franchises in key cities and plans a 60-game schedule starting in October. Charter teams in the league are located in Rome, NY; Alexandria Bay, NY; Binghamton, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Danbury, CT; and Akwesasne, Ontario. League play will continue into 2011 with playoffs and the inaugural championship series set for March.

Fact Sheet:

WHO: Mike Vallely, professional skateboarder and action sports star, has signed on to play professional hockey for the Danbury (CT) Whalers. The team plays in the new Federal Hockey League (FHL).

The Kite-Eating Tree – Method: Fail, Repeat (CD)

Coming out of the gate with some impressive two part harmonies, especially during “Through the Width of a Straw”, The Kite-Eating Tree makes their own disc into an interesting journey. Mixing up a great deal of distortion with saccharine-sweet vocals, “Method: Fail, Repeat…” is an amalgam of two major stylistic genres: what is being called emo-rock (in the vein of Taking Back Sunday and Story of the Year) and an earlier strain of post-grunge in Stabbing Westward and early Filter. As with a number of bands, most notably Bayside, The Kite-Eating Tree is careful to separate the multi-part harmonies cleanly from the super-sonic guitar solos, which are in themselves reminiscent of the hair metal acts of the late 1980’s. While the music on this disc is very radio-friendly in the production style, it still is eons away from anything else that is being played on the radio at this current period.

What really is The Kite-Eating Tree’s forte is their ability to use odd time signature and staggered vocal delivery, such as in “Hollywood Hates You”. However, the major fault with this disc is the fact that all of the songs are done in such a small spectrum both musically and vocally that everything really starts to sound the same on the disc. Each track has the same over-distorted guitar, but there are numerous hints of brilliance to be found on this. The earth multi-part harmony that raises up “Like Butterscotch” from the mediocrity of its clichéd guitar riffs is just a perfect example of this. And, I think, that the guitars are the major snag on this otherwise good album. Firstly, the riffs that permeate these songs are completely out of place that the type of vocals would indicate – I would expect Michael’s lyrics to morph magically into a Limp Bizkit / Linkin Park type of unholy hybrid.

There is no denying that the guitarist for The Kite-Eating Tree is talented in eir’s own right, but the contrast between eir’s riffs and the rest of the band, including the rhythm guitarist, is almost too much for an individual to bear. Each one of the tracks on “Method: Fail, Repeat” is definitely a nugget of post-hardcore goodness, with drums rivaling Travis Barker at times (Softer Seems the Pavement). The band does need to explore a broader range of sound before gaining greater success, as the talent of the band was never called in question, but what they ended putting on this disc was.

Top Tracks : Through the Width of a Straw, Hope is a Passenger

Rating : 6.3/10

The Kite-Eating Tree – Method: Fail, Repeat / 10 Tracks / 2004 Cowboy Versus Sailor / / / Released 23 March 2004 / Reviewed 07 February 2004

Owl City’s Adam Young Readies New, ‘Airbrushed’ Album

While he’s just finished “re-polishing” his old songs — the one’s he’ll release next month as Sky Sailing — Adam Young also has a whole batch of new songs in the hopper too that he’ll be releasing as Owl City, much to the delight of his rather fervent fanbase.

“At the moment, I’m working on new Owl City stuff, and between now and the beginning of August, the plan is to write and record the new album,” Young told MTV News last week. “It’s early, but the vision for this record is already sort of taking shape. … Basically, I want to take the best bits and moments that worked from the last record and make them more polished.”

That dude loves polishing, doesn’t he? Young said he also has “a flash drive full” of possible song and album titles, but right now, he’s less interested in specifics and more focused on cultivating the overall feeling of the record, which he says will be a bit of a departure from his breakout Ocean Eyes disc.

“This one, it’s a little shinier, not quite so organic. … It’s almost airbrushed, and there’s a variety of songs,” he said. “A bit dreamier, the melodies are a bit stronger and more powerful, and the lyrics are a bit wittier. It’s more of a complete piece [than Ocean Eyes], really.”

While Young could write and record the new Owl City disc — which he said is due in “early to mid-December” — practically anywhere, he’s not straying far from the formula he perfected on Ocean Eyes: The new OC album will still be a basement affair. The only difference is that, now, millions of folks will be waiting to hear what he comes up with. Then again, that’s not exactly a bad problem to have, and he knows it.

“It’s amazing to me that, now, people are interested in the music, so there’s a pressure, I guess. But, thanks to the success of the last one, I toured a lot, and I was basically playing the same songs every day for six months,” he said. “You hear things in songs you didn’t hear when you first recorded them, so now I know what direction I want to steer things in. There’s definitely a vision this time, and it’s exciting to have one of those.”