American Pickers – The Complete Season 1 (DVD Set)

And you thought every possible vocation had been mined for realty TV. Well, now it may have.

Mike Wolfe, who owns an antique store in Iowa, and Frank Fritz, his business partner, are pickers (hence the show title American Pickers) who travel in their van looking for collectible objects (everything from rusting motorcycle frames to old movie posters) in the back yards, garages and neglected barns of America.

The show is surprisingly addictive, in part thanks to Wolfe’s always congenial Midwest attitude, but more so how the duo can spot the most random objects rotting in neglect, clean them up and parlay the find into serious cash. Fritz, for the record, seems to have none of Wolfe’s charm, coming off as little more than the short, grumpy sidekick to his friendly partner.

The most startling thing about this History Channel show (yup, that History Channel), is how many of these people Wolfe and Fritz simply can’t convince to part with their junk, no matter how much cash they flash. If only there was a way to blend American Pickers with A&E’s Hoarders.

Rating: 8 out of 10

American Pickers – The Complete Season 1/3 DVDs/2010/A&E Home Video /453 mins.

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