David Karsten Daniels newest album ‘I Mean To Live Here Still’ is a collaboration with avant nine piece Fight The Big Bull and will be available digitally on FatCat Records this summer. With lyrics borrowed from the work of transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau and Daniels’ voice backed by the glorious and big-hearted Richmond, VA based Fight The Big Bull, this is an album worth repeated listens and one which will both satisfy and surprise anyone who thinks they know the work of either collaborator. Later this summer, DKD and FTBB will play very special performances in three select cities: NYC, Richmond, and Chapel Hill.

‘I Mean To Live Here Still’ involves the songwriting and arranging of Daniels, a hugely talented, formally trained composer/songwriter with a background in four-track experimentation and hymn singing, and nine piece avant jazz group Fight The Big Bull and its leader/composer Matthew White. Daniels’ and White traded song notes between SF and Richmond, VA, respectively, collaborating across the US for a number of months before Daniels headed to the east coast to record the album with FTBB earlier this year. ‘I Mean To Live Here Still’ is a record that successfully occupies that rarely-encountered middle ground between folk and raucous syncopated beats built by trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, trombones, upright bass, electric guitar, percussion and drums. NPR hailed the album early on as “a series of grand settings of Henry David Thoreau poems.”

Currently, the album track “Smoke” is available for remix through a competition on the FatCat Records site. The best remix will be available for play on the DKD and FatCat myspace pages for a month plus the winner gets a very cool FatCat goody bag.

Also in July, David Karsten Daniels and Fight The Big Bull will showcase songs from ‘I Mean To Live Here Still’ with three not-to-be-missed performances:

7/8 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel
7/9 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
7/12 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge

David Karsten Daniels & Fight The Big Bull
‘I Mean To Live Here Still’
1. All Things Are Current Found
2. The Funeral Bell
3. Die And Be Buried
4. October Airs
5. On Fields
6. Though All The Fates
7. Salmon Brook
8. Smoke
9. Each Summer Sound
10. Epitaph On The World

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