Entourage – The Complete Sixth Season (DVD)

The long-running (by cable standards) buddy comedy Entourage caught some flak last year from Seth Rogan for… well, slamming Seth Rogan. Yes the Knocked Up joke was more than a bit stale by the time this season aired last year, but the occasional dated references aside (including one about Christian Bale’s rant), the series is still remarkably satisfying.

Six years in, Entourage may lack the heat of a show like True Blood, but the characters are still worth tuning in for week after week, Jeremy Piven’s sleaze ball agent Ari Gold in particular.
Season six kicks off with Vincent Chases’ (Adrian Grenier) movie career back on the upswing thanks his role in the Martin Scorsese movie Gatsby. Chase – likely the least interesting of all the characters – spends most of the season waiting for his next movie to start filming, so the bulk of the stories this season revolve around the other characters, which is a good thing. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) goes back to school, E (Kevin Connolly) joins a big firm and Drama (Kevin Dillon) manages to screw up one of the only good jobs he’s had going for the entire season. As always the best story line revolves around Ari, whose long-suffering assistant Lloyd finally quits and he has to decide whether he wants to sell his firm to his old mentor.

Sure there may be no vampires involved, but great characters that have managed to hold up for six years are impressive none the less.

Rating: 8.3 out of 10

Entourage/3 DVDs/2010/HBO /326 mins.

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